Augmented Intelligence is all set to revolutionize the PR industry

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

As the debate goes on in other industry’s whether to include a new human magic- artificial intelligence in their working or not. For Public Relations (PR) and marketing professionals, the discussion becomes more concerned about Augmented Intelligence (AI) and not the artificial one. These professionals are quite sure that this technological change has nothing to do with the job displacement, but all that it blesses the mankind is a whole lot of completely charged up skills. Humans are better at dealing with the context, history and cultural nuances. On the other hand, machines have the feature of processing and organizing a huge volume of data at high speeds. To tap into the benefits of both the worlds to the realization it’s necessary to get the adequate balance of the human-machine partnership.


Here are the top three ways with which augmented intelligence will bless on the PR experts with the superhuman powers.


Tackling the massive flood of data- Each day, millions of data get uploaded at the online platforms. According to IBM, 90% of the world’s data were created in the past two years. Anyone active on the social media world would surely agree that the deluge is real. For example, the video of Despacito song that instantly got viral and globally got almost 4.6 billion plays, highest than ever. How can keep up with this kind of speed and scale? Fortunately, the augmented intelligence is the master in precisely and quickly working on the massive and constantly evolving data sets. This technology can surface the relevant data much more quickly than anyone of us. In the world of instant change, this extremely quick speed is an undeniable benefit to the PR experts. Other than this, it can also help with the tasks involving repetition, pattern identification or sense making of large data sets.  


Bringing the anomalous content to light- As a crisis unfolds, different media channels start addressing the issue with the same sort of information with the least variance. But there are times when a reporter from the whole lot of media professionals comes up with a different take bringing on the other side of the same story to the limelight. Communicators need to keep a tab on any such incidents as in the era of copy and paste content, the one with a new angle is considered to be unique and better than all the others. Augmented intelligence will flag on the anomalous content so that the brand communicators can quickly address the new angle. 


Predicting on the media trends and needs- When you type a query in the search bar of your search engines, you’ll see some options popping up as you type. These options are the suggestions related to the search that saves both the time and the effort to search for better options relating to the topic. Augmented intelligence for PR and marketing professionals is working towards achieving the same. In the near future, it would become quite feasible for the PR agencies to work with the AI application as it will soon understand the particular topic you are pitching to the reporter and make suggestions regarding the same. This means that AI will process and analyze all the media trends and needs for you, thus keeping a tab on the favorites and suggesting you the same when you are pitching a topic to the reporter. This will offer all in many advantages like that of speed, predictive capability, and even reliable analysis.

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