Astrology Facts regarding Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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For centuries, gemstones are a keen point of human interest. As we today have everything present online in our reach, we can even buy gemstones online too. Neelam or Blue Sapphire is one of the most stunning gemstones in the whole wide world. It is an important member of the Navratna clan. It is prominently seen in the various different shades of blue. It is mainly found in, but not limited to, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Russia, America, and Australia. Let us go through some of the unique astrology facts about this precious stone in the underneath part.

Classifications of Blue Sapphire

In general, this precious stone arises in two main forms, Indranil and Jalnil. The former one is found in a dark blue shade that strikingly resembles the color of the neck of a peacock while the latter holds a varied pattern in its color, with dark glooms on the corners, it is lighter in the middle.

Intense but Varied Impacts

A Blue Sapphire acts as an extremely auspicious lucky charm and Mascot. It shows quite an intense and immediate impact on its wearer. However, these impacts vary from person to person based on their birth-chart and position of stars in their house of horoscopes. Neelam does not act equally favorable for one and all. Though, either positive or negative, the effects can be sensed in a very quick time.

                    So another distinct aspect about this stone is that you can easily conclude whether it is favorable to you or not in very quick timing. From the very first day itself, the wearer starts getting dreams. One can sense the impacts sometimes in as little time as 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours, or sometimes in 3 days. If after wearing, the person is experiencing bad dreams or faces unfavorable circumstances, then it denotes the unsuitability and the blue sapphire is not for him or her. Whereas, if the wearer tends to have pleasant dreams and get positive occurrences in his or her life, then one can surely go for it.

Benefits of having it

If confirmed to be suitable, one can have this beautiful stone without any doubt. Blue Sapphire works out as a wonder in every aspect of your life. Besides resolving all the money-related problems, Neelam renders instant success in your jobs and business. In addition to the regular salary income, one can considerably make enough out of bonuses and premiums after wearing blue sapphire. In such a manner, it also helps you to have an enormous stable earning from land and property investment.

                               Furthermore, it also wards off all the vulnerabilities of its wearer falling into misfortunate circumstances or meeting any accidents. Neelam also provides resolutions to the inherited rivalries that are going on from generation to generation. It helps to extend fame & popularity in the life of its wearer. It assists to reorient discipline and confers clarity of thoughts to its possessor. A Neelam gem eradicates the root causes of depression from one’s life and helps the person to get more patient and unbiased.

On health grounds, blue sapphire or Neelam confers overall health and prolonged pleasurable life to its wearer. One can have a stronger mind, bones, and senses while wearing this supernatural gemstone. It also helps one to get rid of alcoholism and disturbances.



One should prefer buying a natural and 100% authentic blue sapphire or Neelam gemstone, in order to avail maximum benefits. For the said purpose or to buy Neelam online, you can contact Navratan, one of the leading online gemstone dealers that provide genuine gemstones at the most affordable price along with a certificate of authenticity from renowned laboratories.

            Being an extremely potent gemstone, one should always wear a blue sapphire only after due consultation from an expert astrologer. If you want to explore more regarding who should wear a Blue Sapphire gemstone, do visit our previous blog and get to know the complete details.

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