Astrology and Gemstones

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Astrology is the field of science where the movements of the planets and their relative positions are mapped and associated with the happenings of a person’s life. The positions of the planets at the time of birth have an impact the future life events of a person, the scientific study is based on facts and previously analyzed data, the heavenly bodies are composed of various minerals and have gravitational pulls on planet earth and life on planet earth, the human body is also composed of some minerals, the human bodies witness the pull of these massive planets, human beings have found the

The planets may impose positive as well as negative effects on a person depending upon his birth time and their relative positions, the negative effects can be countered and the positive effects can be enhanced by the use of the gemstones aka Astrology gemstones. The study of Astrology is incomplete without Astrological Gemstones. The Astrological gemstones emit radiations and energies that have proved to be effective in balancing the planetary effects.

The Problems or Doshas in a person’s horoscope can be predicted at the time of his birth by using the astrological science, as gemstones are an important part of the Astrological study, their usage to balance the effects of planets is something that is being done from ancient ages.

Astrology Diamond Gemstone

There are various precious Astrology gemstones, what makes them precious is their rarity, effects, colour charcahteristics and other physical properties, one of the most used gemstone from the  Astrology gemstones is Astrology Diamond, Astrology Diamond or Diamond is the gemstone for the planet Venus, it is prevalent among ladies of all ages, men who lack some female charachteristics eg if they are not able to express themselves emotionally or can’t show affection to others wear the Astrology Diamond, Diamond is also the birthstone for the month of April, it is considered auspicious and lucky for the people who are born in April, if wore in the right manner it can prove to be very fruitful.

Selection of Gemstones

The process of Selection of Gemstones, is a very important step when one wants to take the benefits of gemstones, Gem Selection has to be done very accurately, there are a lot of fake gemstone sellers who sell glass made stones or plastic material in the name of authentic gemstones, one may use the guidance of a proficient astrologer or a reknown gemologist when he or she goes to buy gemstones.

A point which one should keep in mind while doing Selection of gemstones is that all the authenticity tests should be made on the stone and the stone should be selected in the exact size and measurements that are specified by the gemologist or astrologer. 

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