Assignment Writer Gives Expert Tips on How to Write a Perfect Assignment

by Sophie Williams SEO executive

When you have to write an assignment, you get bored and tired. You think how will you do all the research and even if you have done the research then how will you frame and write everything that will fetch you good grades. After that you hire an assignment writer who does all the writing for you and you wait in anxiety as to how good the work will be and how good your grades will be. Our writers have good knowledge of Harvard referencing.

Most of the time you sigh when the 'I have to do my assignment' thought comes to your mind. You are relieved when you find someone to help you. But what when you cannot get hold of anyone for help, there is no other way that to help yourself.

Here are a few tips from our assignment writing services which will help you to write a good assignment and score good grades.

  1. When you start writing an assignment, it is a good idea to sketch an outline of your assignment so that you can understand where to place all the points and how it will be. Include the main points that you will discuss in your paper. This will help you to organize your ideas, facilitate you to handle productive literature searches, and last and most important thing is that it saves time.
  2. Start your introduction in such a way that it will clearly express what is the purpose of the assignment. Give a brief paragraph on how it will be structured and what the assignment will discuss.
  3. When you go to the middle part of the assignment, check for continuity of then paragraphs. This is important because most you get lost and find no idea how to come out of it. It is a mere wastage of time. Make sure that there is continuity between the paragraphs and also among the lines in the paragraphs. The reader must be able to follow your flow of thoughts and ideas and also the arguments with ease.
  4. When expressing arguments, give clear statements and clarifications. The reader must understand them so that they agree with you. Keep the link in-between the lines as mentioned earlier.
  5. Since academic writing is impersonal, it is always the best to avoid writing 'I' and 'You' in your assignment. Read through different sources and perspectives. This will help you to build your arguments from the evidence and opinions that you find.  If you want to state your opinion, write indirectly.
  6. It is of great importance to reflect on your assignment that you clearly understood the topic. Assignments reflect that you have understood the idea and can implement them practically. A good way to express this is to use examples and implement them in a useful way.
  7. Tables and figures are a good and effective way to express your research.
  8. Avoid bullets and numbering in paragraphs. This will help to explain the points further.
  9. Word count is important. Keep your work within the word count. Never have the idea that if you write more than the specified word count, your professor will be impressed and give you good grades. Instead, you can lose marks as well. 
  10. The the last point is to write a good conclusion that will leave a lasting impression on your professor's mind. So it is very important to write a powerful conclusion that will include the aim of the assignment again, a concise summary of the main points, and the inferences drawn with final comments.
  11. Lastly, do not forget the reference. It is important to put all references of the data used, acknowledgments and bibliography.
  12. Do your research well. A good research helps in the accumulation of good data, opinion, observation, inference, and conclusion. Always remember, if the research is not done well it is not possible to score good grades. Good research and good writing style go hand in hand.  

Also provided are a few tips to check before submitting an assignment:

  1. Check the title, introduction, and conclusion. The title must be a catchy one. That will help you to grab the attention of the person who is reading it. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. They are vital because negligence in these minor things will give you fewer marks.
  2. Provide an answer to every question that you place. Be careful about the sub-questions as well.
  3. Provide the source of evidence for all the claims made.
  4. Provide a reference for all figures and tables that you have put in your assignment.
  5. Be clear in your writing. It should differentiate and express what your thoughts are and what another person's thoughts are.
  6. Provide a reference for every article, opinion, and website.
  7. A list of all the references at the end of the assignment.
  8. Also check for acknowledgment and bibliography.
  9. Check for plagiarism. Use a good plagiarism checker online. Plagiarism puts down the quality of the content which if noticed might end you up in suspension or whichever rule may apply in your educational institute.


These points are a few basic points to keep in mind while working on your assignment. Careful implementation of these will help you to score good grades provided that the content is good and the research is done well.

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