Are You Feeling Depressed Because You’re Struggling to Start a Business? Here’s How to Overcome It

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

No one said that building a company is an easy task. We don’t want to make it sound scary, but if you’re preparing to open a business, get ready to be depressed. But the good news is that you’ve reached this article and you’ll learn how to successfully get through your depression. It’s time to be honest about how tough it is to lift a business off the ground. You’re the only one who knows the psychological price you’ll pay

Sooner or later, you’ll face a lot of difficulties. The odds of experiencing depression are quite high. Those that deny their struggles and depressions probably are good at hiding it or still want to play the role of a perfect entrepreneur in people’s eyes. But this is just a normal part of entrepreneur life. Though, the good news is that you can confront your depression by using the following examples. 

Why do entrepreneurs get depressed?

Whether it’s before or after the existing business, depression is likely to occur, and at your worst moments. Here are the most common reasons why entrepreneurs get depressed:

  • They’re naturally prone to anxiety and depression

  • Empty success

  • Difficulty in controlling things

  • Many investor rejections

  • Too much stress

  • Long working hours at the office

  • Struggles to gain and maintain customers

  • Many letters of resignation in a short time

The depression can range from mild to severe. You can either experience depression because of personally bankrupting which led you to dive into bad habits. Recovering from such unpleasant events can take up many years. Some don’t recover at all. Entrepreneurs are more likely to suffer from depression than the average person. But look on the bright side: here are some of the ways you can combat depression as an entrepreneur. 

Ways to conquer depression as an entrepreneur

Beware of signs

Before thinking about opening a business, you must be aware of the signs, and have a plan B prepared in case something doesn’t work out as planned. Positive talking and motivational advice from friends and family will make you feel a lot more motivated to go further with your planning. But first, you must be realistic. Don’t make unachievable plans; expect to fail, or better, understand that there’s no such thing as failure. Failure means opportunities you have along the way to prove what you’re capable of. 

Have a strong support

The worst thing about starting a business is probably being alone in the process. It would help if you would have some friends, relatives, or advisors who can support you in advance. You need people you can be transparent with. Those who don’t believe in you will probably make themselves noticed from the beginning. Recognize those who understand your thoughts, feelings, and trust your actions. Still, if you feel down, maybe a therapist might help you get through this. There are excellent counselling programmes that can help anyone improve their situation.

Rest well

You might face long and tough weeks that won’t allow you to sleep for days in a row. It may be a part of your job as an entrepreneur, but it’s incredibly unhealthy. Your hours of sleep at night are very important. It may be the most important secret an entrepreneur has for their success. Not only is it good for your health, but it will help you to perform better at work. A good night’s sleep will protect both your mental and physical health. 

Take some time off

People tend to ruin things by simply complicating them. You must understand that you are not your business. It’s just something you’re experimenting in your life, so you can survive. It’s not the essence of your identity. Instead, you could focus on hiring the right people and give yourself a break anytime you need it. Whether you take a day, two, a week, or a month, it doesn’t matter. Your mental health is extremely important, so make sure you protect it as much as possible. It’s a lot better than falling into depression. Don’t worry, your business will still be there when you're back. Although entrepreneurs are terrible break takers. For this reason, it’s wise to take a break from times to times. You’ll thank yourself later. 

Be very self-aware of your eating habits

Although you might not consider this way, food is the most healing medicine. Or maybe your worst enemy. Be aware of the food you consume, but also, don’t go crazy with too strict diets. Just learn what you need to eat to have enough energy and keep your mind and mood positive.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Exercising is perhaps the second most important thing when it comes to human health. If your body is healthy, your mind will follow. Most entrepreneurs complain about the fact that they don’t have enough time to go to the gym. But it’s not necessarily to go to the gym. You can “win your medals” at home. Some entrepreneurs have enjoyed exercising in the back of their yard, or in the living room. You can also do walks in the park each day to clear your mind. 

Think outside the box

If you only focus on the problems that you have, you’re likely to be a victim of depression. One of the best methods to change your thoughts is to focus on others around you. We bet someone else is in a worse position than you. Some entrepreneurs have been through hell until they have reached success. Obviously, we can’t stay 100% happy all the time. 

Motivation comes and goes. Sometimes, it comes back after a while, so be prepared to deal with some long periods of struggles. It may just be helpful for you to talk with a professional about your psychological problems you’ve been experiencing through this whole period. Don’t fall victim of depression again and trust your intuition. You may soon experience the best time of your life. 

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