Are ‘Vaping Devices’ Better than Regular Cigarettes?

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Summary: vaping devices are easily available nowadays and they also cause less harm to your health. It's time to get the one that helps you to enjoy life in your way.


Do you want to kick out your smoking habit? Smoking can damage almost every organ of a human body and thinking to quit it is a very good initiative. E-cigarette smoking is also known as Vaping can be an option for easing the transition from cigarettes to completely no smoking.


What do we mean by Vape?


Vape is the short form of a vaporizer, the electronic device used for vaporizing substances that can be inhaled. Usually, substances from plants are used that may include cannabis, tobacco or different herbs or even essential blended oils.


Followings are some common examples of Vape:


·         E-cigarettes (the rechargeable battery helps to vaporize the liquid inside the cartridge)

·         Vaporizer pens (contains cannabis oils, distillates, and terpenes)

·         MODS or also called advanced personal vaporizers

The technique of Vaping:

·         Softly draw in vapor into the mouth

·         Close your mouth and hold the vapor for a few seconds (one or two)

·         Send the vapor to the lungs through inhaling

·         Finally exhale the vapor


Vaping does less harm


Through heating nicotine, flavorings and various chemicals e-cigarettes create vapor for you to inhale. A Traditional cigarette contains a huge amount of toxic chemicals but Vaping devices such as e-cigarettes avoid as many toxic elements as possible, producing safer vapor.




·         Avoid using Vaping devices that contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

·         Do not rely on informal sources for obtaining Vaping devices

·         Avoid modifying your Vaping device beyond the manufacturer’s instructions

·         Do not add any external substances to your Vaping device




Smoking is associated with cardiovascular disease as well as cancer. If you want to repair your body and back to the natural state, quit your smoking habit as soon as possible. If Vaping is suggested by a doctor as a cessation tool for smoking then do not hesitate to contact your nearest Vape delivery service.


A brief take on cannabis

Three different plants that has psychoactive properties create a group that can be considered as cannabis

·         Cannabis Sativa

·         Cannabis Indica

·         Cannabis ruderalis




People all around the earth usually consume cannabis for its short term effects such as relaxation, but it also has some medical uses such as relief from pain, poor appetite and glaucoma. Other short term effects are Giddiness, intense experience of surrounding things, Increase in appetite, Alteration in the perception.




In a few states, cannabis is legal for specific medical uses and with time several places are showing their interest in legalizing cannabis delivery for both medical and recreational purposes.

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