Are Dental Implants in Ahmedabad Effective in Restoring your Lost Smile?

by Taarika Sharma Dental Physician

Every human loves a smiling face. Irrespective of the age, language or culture, a smile works as a universal signal of affection, warmth, and trust. This is the reason smile is precious to everyone. In the normal course of life, you can forget the power of your smile but have you ever wondered about the life of a person without teeth. Teeth are important for smiling naturally. If somehow you or any of your loved one has lost his/her teeth due to accident or any unfortunate circumstance, modern day dentistry at a dental hospital in Ahmedabad can help in restoring the smile with the help of advanced procedures.

Dental implant in Ahmedabad is now a reality with world-class dental care available in the city. Ahmedabad, owing to fast development in recent times, has become a hub for dental implants in the state. You might be wondering if dental implant in Ahmedabad is really effective in restoring smiles and the durability of implants. Let us help you find out if dental implants are really successful in the long run.

  • Dental Implants are Anchored in the jaw bone

Modern-day dental implants are anchored to the hard jaw bone, making them highly durable. Over time, these implants will preserve the jaw bone and will restore your ability to chew and eat food. Doctors that use basal implantology for implants can ensure that a dental implant gets installed easily and in minimum time, endowing you with the gift of healthy teeth and a confident smile.

  • Implants are made from high-grade titanium

If you are thinking of dental implants in Naranpura, Ahmedabad you should really go for it without giving them a second thought. These days, dental implants are manufactured from high-grade titanium. Being one of the strongest metals available in the world, it improves durability. Also, as the metal is non-corrosive, you can stay worry-free about

  • Implants don’t decay over time

Made from pure titanium, dental implants are more durable than natural teeth. Titanium is resistant to mouth acid that is created by the presence of sugar and bacteria in the mouth. The acid decays the natural enamel leading to tooth decay. But such problem doesn’t arise in case of dental implants.

  • Dental implants don’t break

Dental implants are super-strong owing to their constitution. This means they are even stronger than roots of your natural teeth making them completely fracture-resistant. But this doesn’t mean that you start neglecting them. In order to make them last longer, you need to ensure you do not use them to open packaging, cans or bottles. Else, dental implants can chip off just like normal teeth.


Having so many pointers in their favor, dental implants can restore your smile surely in the long term. Being made from hard material, they will not break or fall off, making them highly-durable for you. If you are looking for a reliable hospital for dental implant in Naranpura, Ahmedabad, you can visit Shreyas Dental Hospital where the best doctors will treat you to restore your smile in just 3 days.


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