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All Apsense members: individuals & companies have asked themselves the question, at some point, of the relevance of getting started on social networks Through APSENSE PLATEFORME. A much more complicated choice than you might think at first. A certain number of members and companies will succeed in structuring their social media presence USING APSENSE and thereby progress more calmly. But, fatally, there are going to be two other kinds of less relevant behaviors that we find regularly: those who go headlong with no preparation and those who, out of fear or incomprehension, will never take the plunge. We will see that with a little method and common sense it is not complicated to succeed in the social media presence of your business .


First of all: what is employee advocacy? A definition should be put on the concept to fully grasp its contours.

Behind this nebulous term hides the mobilization of the employees of a company as ambassadors of the latter. Indeed, at the time of all participatory, it is necessary to involve its employees in the social presence of the company. If this phenomenon sometimes occurs spontaneously, it can be the subject of a real strategy and a dedicated program developed in conjunction with your entire social media strategy . It is important to understand the commitment that this represents for employees: they commit their image and their personal word to the company, so this is not trivial!

Internet anonymity

Internet user anonymity is often cited as a problem with the presence of a business on the web in general, and therefore on social networks at the same time. How can we be sure that the person hiding behind a negative comment about our company is not a dissatisfied competitor or former employee? Who says presence on social networks also says special attention to his e-reputation . Be aware that even if you are not there it will not prevent Internet users from talking about your company. You might as well be there to control what is controllable.

The lack of control over one's image

One feedback that we meet regularly is that companies do not want to go on social networks for reasons of poor control of their reputation. The problem is the same as before. Whether or not you are on social networks, your reputation will be played with or without you on the web. By being in control of its social media presence you can have control over some of the information circulating around you and above all you can assert your right of reply. It's also a good way to cut rumors or false information about your business.

The ignorance of social networks

Last but not least, some companies do not want to be present on social networks because they do not understand or do not control their operation. It is perhaps one of the most legitimate obstacles that exists. Indeed, without knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms, social media can quickly become time-consuming and expensive. It is important to learn social media before you start using it, if only to know where to go.

Social networks are a powerful vector for your business.

Now that we have seen the cons, let's try to see the pros and you will see that they are far from negligible. Indeed, they are powerful catalysts which, if used well, can allow you to reach your objectives more easily. It is also a way to keep direct and easy contact with your target which gives you significant business and image opportunities.

Potential business gains

Social selling, influence marketing, traffic acquisition… There are many strategies to develop your business through social networks! Well prepared and well guided by an experienced marketing and communication service or a social media agency , you can quickly acquire a community of fans and use your networks as a lever to increase your turnover. Thanks to advertising systems and ways of managing your social accounts on a daily basis, you will be able to use this web marketing lever within a complete digital strategy in perfect synergy with the other levers.


If you are a company looking for particular profiles or if your recruitment needs are important, social networks are a force not to be overlooked. As much a vector of image for your company as a vector of notoriety, social networks will allow you to seduce potential candidates and especially to highlight the strong points of your company. It is also a great way to create synergies between your internal services for information sharing. The HR component of social networks is very large and the possibilities are numerous. We will come back to this in a future article, in particular by mentioning employer brand issues.

To control your image

If most of the information is offered by the company itself, you will be more likely to find out about it through one of your communications. Thus, by controlling the flow of information you are able to manage your company's e-reputation and cut short certain attacks. There will no longer be room for other actors to speak ill of your company and, even if this happens, if necessary you can easily make this information disappear under a flood of other communications.

Prepare your actions well to succeed in your company's presence on social networks


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