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by Ravish Kumar Khinkhwab |Essence of Banaras

Doctors typically recommend taking breaks from staring at screens to prevent eye strain, but not everyone is adept at sticking to a pattern. In addition to short-term eye pain and headaches, computer eye strain is an unwelcome feature of modern life that can permanently impair your vision. According to current research, blue light from computer screens affects the melatonin levels in our systems, which is essential for us to fall asleep naturally. As a result, people stay up later and have a more challenging time falling asleep when they finally go to bed.


Long periods of computer use to strain your eyes, causing them to gaze at a highly illuminated screen for far longer than is reasonable. As a result, they are overworked, which can cause headaches, vision issues, and long-term injury. As told by the eye doctor in Dubai, Eye strain is one of the most common vision problems today, but you may help avoid it by using beneficial programs that make computer use less tiring on the eyes. You can reach out to the ophthalmology clinic in Dubai for more details.


Here are five free web or mobile apps to help keep your eyesight pain-free and healthy!



Awareness, a free Mac and Windows software, reminds you to take regular breaks. It is scarcely noticeable because it is concealed on your menu bar. You tell the software how long you can go without taking a break and how long you want a break. The Tibetan singing bowl will then indicate when it is time to rest. The application does not lock you out; instead, it monitors whether you use less computer time.



F.lux is popular because it minimizes glare from your monitor. It changes the brightness and color according to the time of day so that there is no blue glow. As a result, you can maintain a regular sleeping pattern because your brain can still produce melatonin. F.lux is built on extensive scientific study.



This is one of the most well-known apps available. You can change the default plan, which is set to 20-20-20. When a break is required, your screen will go dark. You can override this if necessary. One of the program’s unique aspects is that it includes many eye workouts. Furthermore, the attached robot mascot is quite cute.



This Android software is designed to help you avoid eye strain if you frequently use your phone or tablet during the day. If you use your phone right before bed or wish to check it in the middle of the night while using the restroom, this program filters the light it emanates. Although the screen’s color and intensity can be changed, the color of the screen changes automatically based on the time of day.


Time Out

Time Out, which is only available on Mac, is a valuable programme for people unsure how to space out their breaks. It provides a predetermined break schedule that calls for working for 50-minute blocks interspersed with 10-minute breaks and “micro” breaks of 10 seconds every 10 minutes throughout your workday. The micro breaks serve as a brief but constant reminder to relax your muscles and correct your posture for people who unwittingly tense up while working. You can turn off one of these if you only want one type of break. When a break is about to begin, your screen will fade to let you know, and it will fade back in again when it is finished.


In conclusion, as suggested by the doctors of Dubai ophthalmology, for those who spend a lot of time using their electronic devices, these software packages, built-in features, and applications are just as crucial as other eye health and safety equipment. As electronic gadgets have increased, most users’ visual impairments and eye strain have become critical problems, and they should also have to visit eye clinics.

Use these helpful tips suggested by ophthalmology in Dubai to protect your vision and prevent unnecessary degeneration over time. Whether you use a phone or a complicated multi-monitor system, a tool, app, or program can assist you in making your device safer to use.

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