Application of Self-Drilling Anchor bolt in Slope Support of Hydropower Station

by Simone S. sinorockco
The dam for chahanwusu hydropower station is a concrete-faced rock-fill dams with the toe slab. The maximum slope height difference formed by the excavation of the dam diversion tunnel slope is 150 cm. During the construction process, the contractor found that most of the slopes were affected by various geological factors, and the phenomenon of stretching and cracking appeared in the part of the slope. It is difficult to be drilled for common mortar bolt, which may cause serious safety danger. In order to maintain the stability of the slope, after many aspects of research and discussion, the designer finally decided to use self-drilling hollow anchor bolt on the rock slope instead of ordinary mortar bolts for construction.

Self-drilling anchor bolt integrates grouting, drilling and anchoring, and is more suitable for broken rock strata such as fault fracture zone. It can be cut or lengthened freely as demand, to save time and effort, and extremely convenient. Self-drilling anchor bolt with a certain thickness and hardness in the same section is used to replace the traditional reinforcement material. By injecting cement slurry into the hollow bar, the direct bond between the rock on the slope and the anchor bolt is increased. This can not only effectively improve the compactness of the anchor bolt, but also prevent corrosion and make anchor bolt more durable. High-quality cement slurry is used to fill up the cracks in the sloping rock, which strengthens and consolidates the soil and rock mass. Good grouting has a multiplier effect on anchoring. Self-drilling anchor bolt has the characteristics of fast installation speed, high grouting efficiency and good grouting effect. It can effectively solve the problem that ordinary anchor bolt is difficult to drill holes, and ensure the high slope smoothly construction and the project safety operation.


Adoption of self-drilling anchor bolt not only accelerates the construction progress but also ensures the immediate support of the slope during excavation. Furthermore, high-pressure injection of cement slurry also simultaneously consolidation the cracks around the anchor bolt. This not only improves the quality of slope anchorage but also avoids accidents such as collapse caused by slope instability. Meanwhile, the hidden danger of accidents is eliminated, and the construction cost is indirectly reduced. Self-drilling anchor bolt has been widely used in slope support, tunnel and underground cavern system support. For technical support and more product requirements, please visit

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