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Learn Andhra Pradesh AP Board SSC Class 10 syllabus through digital education. benefits of the Digital Teacher content is 100% mapped with the syllabus, and English, Maths, Physics, Biology, and Social. subjects are explained using graphics and 2D and 3D Animations. Students understanding level will be far lower than actual physical class. By using Digital Teacher Canvas is an Online Learning Platform That helps students to understand the subject quickly through eLearning software. Easy to download, quickly accessible.

Andhra Pradesh State Board Class 10 English Syllabus

Find the AP Class 10 syllabus, Here you will get all subjects syllabus for free. Students can See the 1st unit of the 10th class (Personality Development:- Attitude is altitude) animated video for free. just click on the link mentioned to AP Class 10 Syllabus for English. All topics discussed in this AP State Board SSC English Syllabus are 1. Personality Development, 2. Wit and Humour, 3. Social Issues, 4. Human Relations and other details of the English Class 10 Andhra Pradesh syllabus are given below.

AP Class 10 Syllabus for English

1. Personality Development:– Attitude is altitude

  1. Every success story is also a story of great failures
  2. I will do it

2. Wit and Humor:-

  1. The dear departed (Part-1)
  2. The dear departed (Part-2)
  3. The brave potter

3. Human Relations:- The journey 

  1. Once upon a time (Poem) (U8M2)
  2. What is my name? (U8M3)

4. (Film and Theatre) Reading A: Rendezvous with Roy

  1. Maya bazaar
  2. A tribute

5. Bio diversity:- Environment

  1. Or will the dreamer wake? (Poem
  2. A tale of three villages

6. Nation and Diversity:- My childhood

  1. A plea for India (Poem)
  2. Unity in diversity in India

AP Class 10 Syllabus for Maths

Andhra Pradesh AP Class 10 Maths syllabus., Here we have covered all the chapter names of the Class 10 Mathematics subject includes Real Numbers, Sets, Polynomials and More.

Unit 1 Real Numbers

Unit 2 Sets

Unit 3 Polynomials

Unit 4 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Unit 5 Quadratic Equations

Unit 6 Progressions

Unit 7 Coordinate Geometry

Unit 8 Similar Triangles

Unit 9 Tangents and Secants to a Circle

Unit 10 Mensuration

Unit 11 Trignometry

Unit 12 Applications of Trignometry

Unit 13 Probability

Unit 14 Statistics

AP Class 10 Syllabus for Physical Science

Here, you can find the chapter names covering the topics discussed in the syllabus for AP Board Class 10 Physical Science Syllabus. Topics discussed in this Section are: Chapter 1 Heat, Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salts, & Chapter 1 Refraction of Light, and so on syllabus are given below.

1. Heat

2. Acids, Bases and Salts

3. Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces

4. Refraction of Light at Curved Surfaces

5. Human Eye and Colourful World

6. Structure of Atom

7. Classification of Elements - Periodic Table

8. Chemical Bonding

9. Electric Current

10. Electromagnetism

11. Principles of Metallurgy

12. Carbon and Compounds

AP Class 10 Syllabus for Biology

Important topics covered in this section for AP class 10th biology syllabus. The topics covered within the biology subject include nutrition, respiration, transportation, and so.

Unit-1 Nutrition

Unit-2 Respiration

Unit-3 Transportation

Unit-4 Excretion

Unit-5 Coordination

Unit-6 Reproduction

Unit-7 Coordination in Life Processes

Unit-8 Heredity

Unit-9 Our Environment

Unit-10 Natural Resources

AP Class 10 Syllabus for Social

The Andhra Pradesh AP 10th Class social syllabus. Here, below you can find the chapter names and subtopics are covered in the Class X Social subject includes Chapter 1 India: Relief Features, Chapter 2 Ideas of Development, Chapter 3 Production and Employment and many more.

Unit-1 India: Relief Features

Unit-2 Ideas of Development

Unit-3 Production and Employment

Unit-4 Climate of India

Unit-5 Indian Rivers and Water Resources

Unit-6 The People

Unit-7 People and Settlement

Unit-8 People and Migration

Unit-9 Rampur: A Village Economy

Unit-10 Globalisation

Unit-11 Food Security

Unit-12 Sustainable Development with Equity

Unit-13 The World Between Wars 1900 - 1950 Part 1

Unit-14 The World Between Wars 1900 - 1950 Part 2

Unit-15 National Liberation Movements in the Colonies

Unit-16 National Movement in India - Partition and Independence

Unit-17 The Making of Independent India's Constitution

Unit-18 Independent India (The First 30 Years-1947-77)

Unit-19 Emerging Political Trends 1977 - 2000

Unit-20 Post - War World and India

Unit-21 Social Movements in Our Times

Unit-22 Citizens and the Governments

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