Dr Prabhjot Gill: Antibiotic resistance overuse and misuse must be avoided

by Dorano V. Professional PR since 2010

Catching a cold is something we've all experienced at least once in our lives. Whether it's the season change or we have a period of hypersensitivity, there is always a treatment that could improve the situation. It's not recommended to take medication without making an appointment first, but we are all guilty of this. A headache or a sore throat can be treated at home most times. But when a cold persists, it’s better to go to the doctor instead of taking stronger pills or antibiotics.

Antibiotics are really strong and they are used in treating bacteria and some parasites, not a common cold or flu, which are mostly treated with antivirals. Also, they might cause discomfort in other areas of your body, such as your intestinal flora, and also have side effects. Therefore, medical supervising is mandatory. If you need more information about this, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr Prabhjot Gill.

Some people think that if they take antibiotics for a common cold, they will feel better faster. It's not the case. Lately, resistance to antibiotics has been easier to observe in the context of the current global pandemic of COVID-19. It's easy to conclude that antibiotics do not do their job in treating viruses, and misunderstanding the differences between medications can lead to undesirable incidents, such as:

1. Side effects

Dizziness, vomiting, bellyache, worsening of the initial state, are just a few of the possible side effects when taking antibiotics. It could also cause depression, anxiety, feeling exhausted etc.

2. Allergies 

If you take antibiotics basing on your intuition and not research carefully, you might realize too late that you are allergic to antibiotics. This leads to complications, and you could be hospitalized.

If you've heard of some strong antibiotic that promises to treat you in no time, think twice before you take it. You have to know your body very well and think about past experiences. Always research carefully before taking pills, otherwise, they can cause more harm than improve your situation.

4. Misusing

One of the biggest problems in taking antibiotics without going to the doctor is the way people follow the treatment. If you decide to take antibiotics, read the prospect multiple times until you've understood everything. If you swallow that first pill, be careful to respect the hours until the treatment ends. If you skip a pill or interrupt the treatment you are prone to complications.

There are many contrary opinions on alcohol consumption during the treatment. Most of the time, alcohol should be avoided. Some medications, including antibiotics, don’t go well with alcohol. Your liver is already affected, therefore drinking alcohol will only worsen your condition.

5. Resistance and overuse

Some people take antibiotics every time they catch a cold, which is risky, as overuse or misuse could weaken the immunity. What’s more, people who overuse it might develop resistance in time, which will worsen things, should they ever need to take antibiotics for real.

Bacteria can be naturally resistant to antibiotics, or they could gain this resistance in time. Some bacteria gain resistance if the antibiotic loses its capacity to kill or stop the growth of bacteria.

6. Ask for help

If you feel effects after taking antibiotic, immediately go to the hospital and ask for help. Even if you’re not the first person to have taken antibiotics wrong, your symptoms could be worse compared to what other people experienced. Each organism reacts differently to external threats and medications, so it’s better to find out what works for you by making the appropriate tests under specialized supervising. Under no circumstances should you test pills on yourself.


As much as we dislike the thought of medical appointments and serious conversations with doctors, they are mandatory if we want to be healthy and safe. Antibiotics are not something we can take on our own without asking a doctor first. An appointment lasts less than spending time in the hospital because we thought we knew better. A stitch in time saves nine.

Dr Prabhjot Gill 


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