AngularJS Framework: Why it is Popular for Web Development and Ahead of Other Frameworks

by Gary Ferguson Technical Writer | Blogger

Older web development generally involved having a bunch of static webpages that weren’t that intuitive and interactive. Development such sites were also cumbersome and took a lot of time for developers to build one. Every feature of the website needs to be coded from scratch and reusability between codes wasn't possible. Having such a dynamic and interactive website with plain old HTML wasn't possible. To resolve this issue angular was introduced and it completely changed the web development scenario especially the front end development.

Even with time, many frameworks were added development domain. Yet may companies stuck to angularjs development services, for its ability to create and highly dynamic and interactive websites or applications. Also angular runs on mobile phones and tablets with having the need to rewrite the code for the same.

So why AngularJS Framework is popular for development and what future does angularjs development holds : 

1. Code Reusability: Developers can reuse chunks of codes from other projects and tinker around and implement it again. This saves effort and development time by eliminating the to rewrite the codes from scratch. Also, angularJS utilizes HTML syntax so if you migrating from an old HTML website then it won’t be a problem with angularjs. 

2. MVC Architecture: This considered to be boon for developers when it comes to developing web application development. MVC allows the project to be divided into 3 separate views and this helps in maintaining the application, also divides splits the work between the developers.

3. Two-Way data binding: AngularJS supports the parallel exchange of data between UI elements or functions. This eliminates the need of having a boilerplate code for exchanging the data.

4. Client-side functioning: AngularJS is capable of functioning on the client-side and doesn’t heavily rely on backend apart from playing around with data. Making it an apt choice for web development projects and also for frontend development.  

5. Modules: The project and its features can be divided into modules and have them independently developed and then compile them together to complete the project. These also to develop and independently test different modules.  

6.SPA support: With the help of AngularJS gone are the days of having clunky multiple pages of websites. SPA allows you to have an entire website working off a single page. How? It allows you to update the relevant section of the website without needing to reload the entire page.

So What is the future of the AngularJS development?

Well, angularJS was introduced in 2010 and since then it has gone through iterations and addressed its shortcomings as well. In 2018 it released version 1.7 with Long Term Support.

Also, being an open-source framework there’s a huge community backing it and constantly provide inputs towards the betterment of the framework. The cherry on the cake is this framework is backed up by Google.

What does angularjs development services involve  :
1. Building angularjs application from ground-up.
2. Migration services to angularjs platform.

3. Developing custom modules.
4. Maintenance of the existing angularjs project.

As a business, you can take advantage of this platform with help of angular web development services offered by various development companies. This a cost-effective solution as well as completely eliminates the need of having a separate team of developers. Various web development company offer such services to help you with angularjs development.

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