An Overview of Spinal Stenosis

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This article will give you an overview of Spinal Stenosis and explain the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. Read on to find out more! Here's a quick guide:


Treatment for spinal stenosis depends on the severity of the condition and how painful the symptoms are. Mild symptoms may be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers, but more severe cases may require medical treatment and even surgery. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and tricyclic antidepressants may ease the discomfort, while opioids can help with the short-term pain, but they can be habit-forming.

Some patients may find relief by using an ice pack, a frozen gel pack, or a bag of peas. Applying ice to the affected area for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, can help reduce inflammation and pain. Physical therapy can also be beneficial for those suffering from spinal stenosis. Exercise is a great way to alleviate the pain and improve flexibility. Your primary care physician may refer you to a neurosurgeon for treatment.

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One of the most common spinal conditions, stenosis of the spinal canal, can be caused by many different factors. Herniated and bulging discs can narrow the spinal canal, putting pressure on nearby nerves. Bone spurs and thickened ligaments can also cause spinal stenosis. These conditions all lead to pain and numbness. A variety of medical treatments are available, including spinal fusion.

One of the most common symptoms of spinal stenosis is leg pain. This can be excruciating, and often requires the sufferer to lean forward. In addition, clumsiness in the arms and hands makes it difficult to tie bows or button a shirt. This condition may require the patient to undergo extensive medical testing, including MRI or CT scans. If you have a history of spinal stenosis, it is important to see your doctor right away.


There are several tests that are used to diagnose spinal stenosis. Medical imaging is essential to make a diagnosis, and can help your doctor pinpoint any compression of nerves or spinal cord. MRI scans can show narrowing of vertebral and intervertebral foramen, which can be indicative of spinal stenosis. In some cases, CT scans with myelography may be used, as well. Electrodiagnostic tests and diagnostic injections may be performed to identify specific spinal nerve symptoms.

Other tests that your doctor may perform are nerve conduction studies and electromyograms. Nerve conduction studies measure the strength of nerves in the spinal column and identify areas where compression is occurring. A physician may also perform a Spurling's test to determine the exact location of the spinal nerve involved in your condition. This test involves rotating the head toward the symptomatic side, moving it into extension, and applying pressure to the top of your head.

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There is no single, universally effective treatment for spinal stenosis. Doctors may try several treatment options at different dosages and combinations. Medications, including muscle relaxants and opioids, may be prescribed for short-term pain relief. Epidural injections, which deposit medications directly into the epidural space, may be effective for reducing acute pain and inflammation. Patients typically undergo a course of three such injections over several weeks.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications, such as ibuprofen, may be prescribed for relief of pain and inflammation. However, these medications should be used only with the supervision of a healthcare provider, since there is a high risk of cardiovascular side-effects. Analgesics, such as acetaminophen, may help ease pain associated with spinal stenosis. Anti-seizure drugs, such as gabapentin, may also help relieve pain.

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