An Overview of Professional Dry-Cleaning Dubai Marina using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

by Areeb Khan Professional Laundry Attendant

Dry-cleaning process utilizes a variety of fluids to clean all types of stains from the fabric. This process does not involve any water. Hence, there is no loss of lint during the cleaning process. The lint is tiny pieces of fibers that may wash away due to the cleaning of fabric. Hence, the process of dry-cleaning increases the longevity of any type of fiber. The cleaning solvents used in the process of dry-cleaning are efficient removers of all types of stains. These solvents can effectively remove the stubborn stains of grease, oil or colored solids and beverages. The absence of water also prevents the cleaning agents from penetrating the fibers and from leaching inside. Hence, it is possible to increase the shine of an apparel or linen whilst improving the longevity using latest dry-cleaning methods.

The reliable washmen in Dubai who are associated with the dry-cleaning of the clothes use silicon-based solvents or liquid carbon-dioxide instead of Perc or Perchloroethylene in cleaning. These cleaning solvents are friendlier to the environment in comparison to the Perc. The Perc also leaves behind a smell onto the cleaned fabric. The latest eco-friendly solutions do not leave any nasty smell whilst cleaning the dirt, grease or stains from the clothing materials. Hence, the process of dry-cleaning is equally beneficial for clothes, linens and environment.

Tagging & Identification

There are multiple steps involved with the dry-cleaning of clothes and linens. A reliable service-provider performs these steps to prevent the loss of any item and to ensure a flawless cleaning. Every service-provider thoroughly inspects an item immediately after receiving to identify and mark the stained areas. He/she tags an item which includes the detailed information of a client and the nature of any stain that may require specialized treatment. The detailed inspection also enables a service-provider to identify the metal-based garnishing articles that may become damaged at the time of dry-cleaning. It may become necessary to cover these articles.

Pre-Treatment & Cleaning

It may be difficult for a washman to completely remove the tough stains during the final process of dry-cleaning. Hence, these stains may need pre-treatment. The experienced dry-cleaners use suitable cleaning solutions that may partially remove a stain before the final process. After the completion of pre-treatment, the professionals performing dry cleaning Dubai Marina use specially manufactured machines to clean the fabric using cleaning solutions. These machines do not just clean the fabric. These devices can even dry the fabric using the effective air-drying technology. However, this drying technique may not be suitable for sensitive fabric. A professional dry-cleaner may use traditional drying method in this scenario.

Finishing Process

A trained cleaning technician use different types of Press machines to restore the shape of your clothing materials and other items before making any delivery. These machines use heat and pressure at varying levels to press multiple items within a short period of time.

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