An Introduction To Spanish Language Learning

by Jason Watts Content Writer

Just the thought that Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language is enough to encourage you to learn it and teach it to your kids. If not, the romantic melody and rich heritage of Art of the Spanish language should be alluring enough. If you are Spanish or you just want your child to learn a new language, Spanish is the best option due to many reasons. Learning a new language can aid you in global communication while traveling, or for job and business purposes, and many other ways. If you want your kids to compete for global educational opportunities, say an ‘oración silenciosa para agradecer a Dios’ (silent prayer to thank god) because Language Learning Market is just the right place.

Kids are learning new things all the time but you must remember not to make things overwhelming for them. The trick to new language learning is to have the right start and keep things interesting. No matter what the age, when you are learning a new language, you have to start with ABCs like a kid. Try educational toys, storybooks and take the Spanish Montessori learning approach. Spanish language toys and bilingual Spanish toys are always a good start.

Here are 5 Best Ways To Introduce Spanish Language Learning In Your Kid’s Daily Schedule:

  • Try Speaking In Spanish With Your Friends & Family:

    Surround yourself and the child with people who can encourage them to learn the language. It’s a great idea to even start to learn a new language with your friends. Simply start by saying pleasantries or greetings in Spanish and sound chic in front of your peers. For example, instead of “Hello”, say “Hola”(H is silent), instead of saying “Good Morning”, say “Buenos días”. Similarly, “Good Bye” is “Adios”, “Good Night” is “Buenas Noches”, and “What’s up?” becomes “¿Qué tal?”. Keep learning new words and introduce them in your child’s day-to-day conversations if you are not Spanish. If you are a Spanish family or live in a community, the learning curve becomes easier for the child.

  • Keep Repeating The Same Words:

    A simple google search can tell you the appropriate pronunciation of any word in any language. However, speaking it correctly takes practice. The best way to learn any new word or language is to keep saying it until it sounds right. Language learning educational games with cards and activities are great options to jog up the vocabulary and memory. Try different game cards and keep repeating the words. Try the Spanish Activities for Toddlers or similar bilingual vocabulary learning tools.

  • Try Including Visionary Language Learning Tools Like Posters& Wall Art:

    We learn most things by observing them with our eyes. Let that happen naturally by introducing Spanish Educational Posters Bundles and poster sets in your abode and around. Pictures with their names written in Spanish will create a visual learning experience and you will be practicing the new vocabulary without even knowing it for your kids. Educational Spanish Learning Prints with different planets, colors, geometric shapes, time, numbers, seasons, etc. can help your kids keep practicing the basic words.

  • Watch Movies & Read Books:

    Watching movies in Spanish will help you and your kids understand the conversations better and also will improve your pronunciation. There are many popular movies of different género that you can try. The sky is the limit. Movies like “Coco”, “Dora and the Lost City of Gold”, “El Americano: The Movie” are some of the options to introduce to your kid. They may need to keep up with the subtitles at first and need your explanation of things, but it will soon be easier to understand and enjoy for them. Movies help keep things entertaining and interesting. Try picking up storybooks in Spanish. When you are learning a new language, it’s better to stick with the storybooks for kids with lots of images. Get a set of Bilingual Books for Toddlers. Learning a new language also helps to explore your inner child in many ways.

  • Try Wooden Alphabet Puzzles & Animal Puzzles For Kids:

    Kids are learning all the time and puzzles are one of the best tools for Montessori learning. Puzzles are fun, interactive, and great as educational toys. They can help your kids learn Spanish while playing. Wooden puzzles are equally eco-friendly and harmless for your children as well. Make things interesting and interactive with Wooden Puzzles For Kids in Spanish with fun animal figures. An educational toy such as the “English + Spanish Safari Puzzle Set” will entice them, develop cognitive learning and also help them learn the language. There are many such collections of Spanish toys and games that you may explore in the Language Learning Market. Explore our Spanish Language Toys here.

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