Among Different Genres of Photography Food Photography DC is the One You Know

by Rodney Bailey Photographer
Photography has a vast area to cover and you will seldom find a professional photographer that will do all kinds of photography. Photography is not about shooting pictures every day and there are different styles that are categorized into different groups. Understanding all of these different styles or genres of photography is important. It’s key to develop your knowledge in this area and will help you gain insight as to where your photography fits. Ideally, there are 15 such genres that may inspire you.

Documentary Fashion and Food Photography

Documentary photography involves manual pictures that have a story to tell in the photo. It is more subjective and may include war, social issues, science and other issues. Fashion photography on the other hand is self-explanatory and is typically shot with the intent to sell something by glamorizing the product in a very creative and visually interesting manner. Another genre is Food Photography DC which is also a very interesting segment. This type is usually used by restaurants, websites and food bloggers with intent to sell their products.

Landscape Nightlong and Photojournalism Photography

Landscape photography is one of the most popular types of photography that portrays scenery or the impact of environmental change. Nightlong exposure photography is a specific segment that shows how the world changes after dark. It requires good knowledge of using light, shutter speed and aperture. Photojournalism is similar to the documentary genre with the only difference being that the photographer captures live events. It may be a Corporate Event Photographer or any other that has something to do with news or publishing.
Fine Art Photography

All images that tell a story come under fine art photography. Just like Food Photography DC this genre is very interesting in terms of concept as one can create their own fiction with characters and a made-up environment. It is all about emotion and a message so the photographer needs to have a clear vision of what the picture will look like.

Aerial Architectural and Candid Photography

Aerial photography as the name suggests is taking pictures from above. The images include landscapes and city scenes. The first aerial photo was shot by French photographer Gaspar Felix Tournachon in 1858. It was a shot of Petit-Becetre, a French village from a hot air balloon 80 meters above the ground. Architectural photography on the other hand involves interesting forms of different shapes or color of structures. The visually appealing shots may include interiors or exteriors of buildings, any interesting element of the building design and others. Candid photography is a very popular genre that includes spontaneously captured moments as they happen.

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