Amazing Facts To Know About Jewellery

by Monica Kapur Jewellery Designer
Jewellery Designer is always associated with beauty, excellence, splendourand glamour; thence it is almost impossible to imagine anything better than jewellery to accentuate the aesthetics of a person.  We might not know since when the ornaments and jewellery became a part of attire for humans but trust me, it has been really long ago!

Every culture and civilization has contributed to the profound history of ornaments and jewellery and how it has come reached this far. Let's unwind some intriguing facts and secrets related to jewels and gems.

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• Humans have always adored the idea of jewellery and that's the reason researchers have found that humans of yesteryear or ancient time used to wear jewellery made out of bones, berries, teeth and stones that were beaded together.

• People from Mesopotamia and Egypt are known to be the pioneers in designing jewellery. People from these regions were successful in collecting valuable gems and as soon as they mastered the art of metallurgy, it was only a matter of time they realized that the process can be used to mass produce jewellery items.

• In the present time it is a rare case to find natural pearls. We have man-made ways to develop pearls. Tiny shells are enclosed into the oysters and eventually over a period of 2 to 3 years the shell gets covered with nacre. Yeah, it's a time taking process, but every beautiful thing comes with a price.

• Humankind has been using silver as the jewellery metal for more than 6000 years now.

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• The oldest and most ancient jewellery ever made by man is dated hundred-thousand years old. It is a string of beads which are made from Nassarius shells.

• Jewellery is a word coined from a French word "Jouel" which was taken from a Latin word "Jocale" which means "plaything". Like music, jewellery connects every culture and adds happiness and beauty.

• The largest gold nugget discovered till date was found in Australia. The nugget weighed more than 200 pounds.

• A diamond is more expensive when it is colorless. That means the less color your diamond has, the more value it will have.

• Although pure gold is yellow, you can still buy rose gold jewellery. For the rose gold color copper is added to the gold.

• Pearls are so in demand that even ancient people were quiet fond of it. The oldest pearl ornament was found inside a coffin. The coffin belonged to a Persian princess who died in 520 BC.

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