All you wanted to know about Gynaecology consultations

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A gynaecologist is a doctor who treats women related ailments and specializes in diseases and problems related to the reproductive system. The clinic with the Best Gynaecology in Gurgaon would also offer obstetrics procedures that are related to pregnancy and childbirth. You would need to see a gynaecologist if you are suffering from any of the following problems:

  • Urinary problems and infections
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • All pain or problems in the reproductive organs
  • Irregular periods or problems during periods
  • Issues related to contraception
  • Issues related to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Sexual problems

It is advisable to visit a Gynaecology clinic in Gurgaon after the age of 13, or after commencing menstruation. Regular visits are needed to a gynaecologist to ensure the health and well-being of women. Periodic visits would help in detecting any problem like tumors or cancer and take early treatment.

What happens during a visit?

When a female visits a hospital offering the Best Gynaecology in Gurgaon, they can expect the following:

  1. A general health check-up to understand if there are any problems being faced, which is not necessarily related to reproductive organs. Many women prefer to visit a gynaecologist even for general problems like headache, backache, etc.
  2. The gynaecologist would carry out an internal examination of the reproductive organs. This helps the doctor offering Gynaecology in Gurgaon to understand if there are any problems. This helps to detect any serious problem at an early stage.
  3. A gynaecologist may also examine the breast to check for any tumors and would advise the patient on self-examination procedures.
  4. Various tests may be carried out including a pap smear that is taken from the cervix. The pap smear is sent to a lab and is useful to detect any serious problems.
  5. Ultrasound scanning is a common procedure to help the doctor carry out a detailed examination of the abdomen and reproductive organs. This may be done as a part of general checkup or if there are any problems.
  6. In some cases, a hysteroscopy is done to see the internals of the uterus in case of any problems.
  7. The patient’s doubts and queries related to menstruation, sexual health, urinary problems, contraception, pregnancy, and STDs would be addressed by the gynaecologist in the Best Gynaecology in Gurgaon.

Gynaecology treatment

Any woman facing any problems can undergo Gynaecology treatment in Gurgaon at a top clinic or hospital. A gynaecologist can treat various conditions and problems that include:

  • Treatment of urinary incontinence and other related problems.
  • Treat problems related to menstruation like excessive bleeding, pain, and endometriosis.
  • Laparoscopic procedure to treat internal problems, including tumors.
  • Repair of the vaginal wall.
  • Treat miscarriages of pregnancy.
  • Pre-pregnancy checks.
  • All issues related to pregnancy, including termination of pregnancy.
  • Treatment of cancers of the reproductive system.
  • Hysterectomy to remove the uterus may be needed in case of any major problems. This can be performed at any of the Best Obstetrics and Gynaecology Treatment Hospitals in Gurgaon.
  • Removal of cysts and removal of the ovary may also be needed to treat certain problems.
  • Childbirth, including normal delivery as well as cesarean surgeries.
  • Female sterilization procedures
  • Expert gynaecologists who are specialized in this field do treatment of infertility problems. This includes IVF procedures.

Visiting a clinic

You need to look for a qualified gynaecologist who is registered and has vast experience. The credentials of the gynaecologist as well the clinic or hospital needs to be verified before you decide which gynaecologist to see. A visit to a gynaecologist is advised not just when there is a problem, but even for preventive checkups. This can prevent problems and ensure good health.

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