All You Need To Know Before You Buy 10 MM Electric Drill Machine

by Ankita Awasthi Article Writer, Seo Analyst

Electric drill machine is one of the most important power tools that you need to have with you. Here are some important considerations you need to pay heed to before you buy an electric drill machine - 

With Cord or Cordless?

This is the first point you need to consider while you are selecting the right type of drilling machine for yourself. There are several pros and cons that are important to note :

– Cordless drilling machines are much more easier to use anywhere and at anytime without power cords. The battery life which may not last for a very long time so corded drilling machines have the advantage that you never have to wait for the batteries to charge and you can use them any time.

– Needless to say cordless drilling machines are much lighter than their corded counterparts. High power cordless drilling machines are sometimes heavier than the corded ones.

– Corded drilling machines cannot be tripped over and thus are safer.

–There are several high power cordless drilling machine options available in the market but it is important to note that corded drilling machines offer improved torque. With the help of cordless drilling machines you can get high power for endless periods of time.

– The life of a cordless drilling machine batteries is limited. At the same time, the batteries are so costly that it is better to opt for a new cordless drilling machine in place of replacing the old batteries. So, in case you need a cordless drilling machine you will need to buy a new one in a few years. But a corded drilling machine will last you for minimum10 years at a stretch.

– Note that lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are always better than Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries. Li-Ion batteries are more powerful, have a long life and are less toxic to the environment as they contain less harmful metal elements.

2) Pick a Chuck

The chuck holds the different bits of 10 MM Electric Drill Machine together. You can choose from different types and sizes. There are two types of chuck – keyed and keyless. The keyed chuck has a mechanical key used to tighten as well as loosen drilling machine bits. It is to be remembered that with keyless chucks it is easier to change drilling machine bits so it is better as you no longer need to worry of losing your key.

3) Important Features

Below are a few important features that you need to note that your drilling machine must have in order to ensure maximum benefit – 

– Reverse. This is a feature that helps you remove bits that get stuck and is an important one to have even if you are not using your drilling machine for driving screws. A keyless chuck is one of its kind which by default have reverse as there cannot be any other way to get your drilling machine bit out. So it is essential to be careful about this feature when purchasing a keyed drill.

– Variable speed is essential if you need to use your drilling machine for driving screws. It even helps in drilling clean holes as different materials need different bit speeds.

– Speed range settings is a feature which is highly critical if you are going to drive screws with your drill. You can drive screws in a much simpler manner at lower bit speeds.

– A toque clutch is certainly a must have feature if you going to drive screws. It even helps to prevent over driving the screw into the material which is a big time saver if you are trying to drive large number of screws.

No matter what be your need, get the most affodable 10 MM Electric Drill Machine price when you shop online.

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