All You Need to Know About Scoliosis Back Brace

by Ada Anyimukwu CEO - CitiGuards Limited
Scoliosis can affect children, adolescent and adults alike and manifests as either a sideways or middle curvature in the spine. Although there are multiple treatment options available for scoliosis, the most common and most effective include surgery, observation and scoliosis back brace. A back brace is most effective for children and when there is a minor curvature. The device exerts pressure on the back and ribs to move the spine into its normal straight position. If you are looking into the back brace option for treating scoliosis, there are a few things you might want to know. 

There are Different Types of Braces

There are actually three main types of braces used for treating scoliosis. Each is a little different and appropriate for specific spine curvatures. 
Boston Brace: was developed in the early 1970's at the Boston Children's Hospital by Dr. John Hall and Mr. William Miller. This back brace is worn under the arms and covers the lower back, hips and rib cage. It is used to treat lower back and mid-to-low-back spine curvature also known as lumber and thoracic-lumber respectively.  
Milwaukee Brace: was developed in 1945 by Albert Schmidt and Dr. Walter Blount of the Milwaukee's Children Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin respectively. The brace is used primarily for mid-back (high thoracic) spine curvature although it can be used for any type of curve. 
Charleston Bending Brace: was developed in 1979 by Ralph Hooper and Dr. Frederick Reed. It is typically used for curves in the 20-35 degree range. This brace is also known as a part-time brace because it is only worn at night. 

Who Can Use a Back Brace?

Back brace for scoliosis is typically used on younger children aged between 10 and 14 years. Adolescents with a curve between 25 and 40 degrees may also be prescribed bracing treatment for scoliosis.  

How Much Does a Back Brace Cost?

Prices for scoliosis back brace range widely so you may want to compare a few different suppliers to get the best price. Watch out for suppliers who are well known in the industry and who also provide other related products such as Plagiocephaly helmet. Keep in mind that the cost of the brace typically does not include x-rays, the fitting cost and additional fees. MedEast is an example of a great manufacturer and supplier of back braces for scoliosis. 

Tips for Wearing Back Brace

A back brace can be an effective treatment for scoliosis if used correctly. A few tips should help your child get the most out of the brace;
Follow doctor's instructions: the doctor should have the final say on what type of brace your child should wear. He also prescribes how often and how long the brace is worn. Follow the doctor's recommendations to the letter to get the best benefits. 

Wear appropriate clothing: ensure that your child has a well fitting shirt under the brace to avoid chaffing and skin irritation. You can dress your child in his normal clothes over the brace but it might be necessary to buy clothes a size or two bigger depending on the brace. 

Fit the brace properly: finally, it may be necessary to remove and wear the brace a few times during the day. Make sure that the brace is properly secured and positioned each time. The brace has to fit properly for it to work. 

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