All You Need to Know about Birth Certificate Attestation

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When a baby is born, they are issued with a birth certificate, however, it is important that even after that, you get birth certificate attestation in UAE. Some people may find it odd that they would have to do this, but attestation of a document is important and necessary since it gives evidence that the document that you possess is actually valid.

Birth certificate attestation UAE is carried out by a trusted government official like an embassy representative or even a judge. There are many aspects of life, both personal and for business that may require you to present an attested birth certificate or any other similar document.

So What is Attestation?

This comes from the word to attest which means to give proof or evidence of something. Document attestation services in Dubai involves following the procedures of the law to confirm that a document is what it is said to be and that it is genuine. Even people can be attested to give evidence that they are who they say they are. Usually, this is executed by a government official. Getting this done will prevent the hassle of having to go through different procedures every time that you need to present your certificate.

There are private companies that can help individuals get their certificates asserted.

In cases when you are migrating to another country, you will need to present your birth certificate along with other documents. At that moment, it is important that you present documents that have been attested.

This document may be required even when you are seeking enrollment to an educational institution as well as while seeking a visa for UAE. In some cases, it is mandatory that you present an original attested certificate. This document is important because it shows that you are who you claim to be and gives proof of where you originate from.

Depending on the country you are in, the procedure for birth certificate attestation may vary. The particular government officials who may be able to help with that and the procedure will differ, however, there is a global procedure that is accepted by as many as 92 countries.


This is the internationally recognized format of attestation. It is a format that is recognized in countries that subscribe to the Hague. With this format, certificates are legalized in a way that all the 92 countries approve. This can be presented in the west and it will be acknowledged as legal.

When Migrating

If you are migrating, you would be expected to have your certificate attested by a government office in your country of origin, but also when you get to the UAE, it will also be attested. The procedure can be carried out by the embassy as you apply for a visa.
Even when you are granted residence in the country, you may still be required to present attested documentation to access certain services as well as to be employed.
You might find it difficult to get attestation by yourself, so it would be a good idea to contact a company that will help you with the process.

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