All about the 7 most popular weight-loss surgical procedures

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The decision to undergo weight loss surgery should never be taken lightly. Any surgical procedure carries with it serious risks, including the possibility of death. Therefore, you might want to know, which weight loss surgery is the safest?

It is common for doctors to recommend bariatric surgery only as a last resort after other weight loss options have been unsuccessful. You may be obese, suffer from an obesity-related illness such as diabetes, or have failed to lose weight using conventional weight loss methods. Consequently, you may be eligible for one of the many options available today for weight loss surgery.

What are the most common procedures for weight loss surgery? Explore the innovative new methods that board-certified bariatric surgeons are using to help individuals lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Lap band surgery (also known as adjustable gastric band surgery)

In the same way as other obesity surgery procedures that restrict food intake, lap band surgery aids you in losing weight by reducing the amount of food you can consume. During the bariatric operation, the surgeon places an adjustable lap band around the upper portion of the stomach. This results in a smaller stomach area that can hold a limited amount of food.

  1. Gastric Bypass Surgery

Due to its popularity and long history, gastric bypass surgery has become the most well-known weight loss surgery procedure. It involves the removal of a portion of the stomach or reducing its size. Additionally, this procedure may be used in conjunction with a malabsorption method to enhance results. 

  1. Roux-en-Y-Gastric Bypass

In Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is restricted and food is absorbed insufficiently. In addition to stapling a segment of the stomach, a Y-shaped portion of the small intestine is also affixed to the reconstructed stomach.

The food bypasses a portion of the intestinal tract, which results in fewer calories being absorbed. The reason this type of surgery leads to rapid weight loss is that it decreases the intake of food and lowers the rate of calorie absorption.

  1. Gastric Sleeve Surgery (also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy)

It is a weight loss surgery that removes the outer part of the stomach and staples the remaining portion of the stomach together. In this way, a sleeve-shaped area is created, which leads to patients losing as much as 80 percent of their body fat within one year.

  1. Liposuction

The removal of fat through liposuction is one of the most common and popular surgical procedures. Nonetheless, liposuction is not considered a viable method for treating obesity or weight loss. It involves sucking excess fat from the body as part of a cosmetic procedure. This can indeed lead to an improved sense of body confidence, but it should not be viewed as a substitute for effective weight loss programs.

  1. Devices that can be implanted in the body

weight loss surgery of this nature is a relatively recent and unpopular procedure. Implanting an electrical device that interferes with the signals between the stomach and the brain can reduce food cravings and thereby reduce appetite.

  1. AspireAssist

The FDA has approved AspireAssist, but it has not yet been widely adopted. This procedure has caused quite a stir on the internet due to the unusual manner in which it works to reduce weight.

The stomach is directly inserted with a valved tube. Patients routinely empty their stomach contents into a bag after eating and then flush partially digested food down the toilet.

In conclusion

You are unable to maintain a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle and if obesity is a factor preventing you from doing so, consult a physician who understands your situation and can provide support. A physician can guide you on the best course of action for improving your health. You are likely to see positive results from any procedure your doctor recommends provided you are willing to adopt or continue a healthy lifestyle, including eating right and exercising.

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