Air Conditioner Aluminum Coil Vs. Copper Coil That One is Effective

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In the air conditioner, coils are accustomed convert gas refrigerant to liquid refrigerant and the other way around, that is employed to cooler space. However, copper coil or AL coil will constant job, however, there’s an exact difference in their heat transmission capability, durability and immune to corrosion. Here we have a tendency to be presenting our review on that is best among the copper and AL coils. Attempt our cooling selector to decide on the correct cooling by responsive easy queries while not reading any shopping for the guide.

How copper and aluminum differs…


Cost is that the very first thing to contemplate whereas selecting among the copper and AL coils. Copper is healthier than AL among all the facet, though some makers are still using AL. Why? Solely factor is the value. Copper abundant costly than AL. That’s why makers exploitation AL coils to drop the cooling worth so luxurious air conditioners are often created on the market to a lot of folks at a coffee or moderate worth.

Pliability (The quality of being simply bent) of copper is far but AL. It suggests that bending, molding copper coils is far more durable than an AL coil. Hence, to form constant size and form, it takes around 3 times cheaper than AL.

Heat transfer

Copper may be a higher heat exchange than AL coils suggests that copper coil will cool the space abundant quicker, with efficiency than an AL coil. This makes cooling far more electricity saving one.


Corrosion damages the coils and causes refrigerant gas leaky and makes it a brick. that is why it’s necessary to save the coil from corrosion.

Copper coil subjected to formicary corrosion (happens within the presence of oxygen, water, and organic acid). Although, corrosion on copper coils are often avoided by correct maintenance and cleansing on an everyday basis. though within the worst case, corrosion damages the copper coil, it’s economical to repair and use once more.

AL coils are subjected to galvanic corrosion (happens because of, 2 metal contacts within the presence of solution liquid). Corrosion happens at wherever aluminum coil joins with copper tube (a tube accustomed connect the indoor and outside unit with split AC) and causes the refrigerant leaky. The worst factor concerning the aluminum coil is once it has broken, it’s terribly exhausting to repair, in most of the cases need to replace with a brand new one.

Coil strength

Copper is far stronger than aluminum and also the neatest thing is just in case copper coil injury, it’s straightforward and economical to repair, whereas with aluminum coils this can be not the case. In most of the cases need to new aluminum coil on the injury. However, a number of businesses producing skinny copper coils to value cut. This causes the high-pressure refrigerant to discharge and makes less durable.


Generally, coils are fitted in a very condenser, that is mounted outside the house and need to face gratingly and hot weather conditions and want regular cleansing for higher performance, functioning. Copper coils are strong enough to prone weather. Whereas aluminum coils are weaker and need to detain the strong, coated cupboard, this makes maintaining, cleansing aluminum coils much difficult processes.

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