AG Ganguly in Strategic Partnership with Fanfare

by AG Ganguly Business Consultant

Building a strategic partnership in the commercial world is nothing new and many top companies have entered into such partnership with a like-minded counterpart in the industries to promote their business positively. A recent example of such a strategic partnership is the one entered into by AG Ganguly Potrero Capital with

Fanfare. The strategic partnership between AG Ganguly and Fanfare has created a much wider connection between the two established business houses that would help both can easily expand their customer base in the shortest time. It is also a wider connection benefitting both groups.  

AG Ganguly Potrero Capital Dwells on Popular Idiom

At times the business houses join hands believing on the popular idiom that two heads are better than one and it is also the idiom that has prompted AG Ganguly to enter into the strategic partnership of this type. The decision is not impulsive decision but result of a calculated strategy based on years of experience in market trends of Ganguly the leading entrepreneur. It is not only believed by the contracting partners but it truly can become a win-win the situation for both partners.

Advantages of Making Strategic Partnership

There are several potent reasons for experienced and established entrepreneurs like AG Ganguly Potrero Capital entering into a strategic partnership with a partner that will help further business promotion giving the enterprise a global dimension. In the fiercely competitive business, the world the necessity for any enterprise is to stay ahead of the rivals in the industry. Against such background it becomes a risky proposition working single handedly on the own terms and conditions set up by an enterprise and striking strategic partnership with a competent partner can easily help an enterprise to ensure risk-free as well as the smooth running of the business generating best results. An experienced customer in the field, Ganguly has taken a decision to strike the partnership for improving the business.

About AG Ganguly Potrero Capital

It is necessary for understanding the status of the company entering into a strategic partnership for further business promotion. Basically, Potrero Capital is a Berlin in Germany based company with branches in leading cities of the USA like New York and San Francisco among others. The company is headed by AG Ganguly who is an established businessman with a global presence registered long since. The global representative company has helped many enterprises and especially the start-ups. The business strategist has over two decades of experience in the field of effective strategy making for business and it includes venture capital funds as well as family offices among others. The entrepreneur and business adviser have unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the field of building up effective and winning business strategies.

Working as a fundraiser in the initial part of his career, AG Ganguly migrated to assume the role of business adviser and strategist for many business enterprises including the Pfizer, Carlyle Group and Fortune 500 among others. At the same time, the business advisor and strategist that is also a leading entrepreneur of global stature also do not forget using strategies for promoting his business. Striking a strategic partnership with Fanfare is a step in that direction.


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