Advantages of Self-drilling Hollow Bolts in the Treatment of Complex Geological Slopes

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With the development of domestic engineering construction, highways, railways, mines, water conservancy and other projects will encounter a large number of slope terrain, and often face geological disasters such as high and steep slope collapse and landslides during construction. Therefore, the research, development and application of slope protection and reinforcement treatment technology has certain social and economic value. There are various forms of slope protection technology used internationally. Among them, self-drilling hollow bolt support is a safe, high-quality and efficient protection technology, which has been widely used in various slope protection and reinforcement projects.

Below we will introduce you a slope project supported by self-drilling hollow bolt.

The west side slope of the main plant area of ​​the project is a rock side slope. Due to the impact of rainwater erosion and blasting construction, the slope partially collapsed and fell off. In order to strengthen the local stability of the slope, plain concrete repair and self-drilling hollow bolt anchoring support structure were used in the construction. lengthened.

The mechanical action principle of self-drilling hollow bolt can be summarized in the following three points:

1. Suspension of anchor rod: The anchor rod passes through the weak and loose rock and soil mass and is anchored into the stable stratum to generate tension, overcome the self-weight and sliding force of the sliding rock and soil mass, and prevent the slope and cave wall from sliding and slumping.

2. Squeeze reinforcement: The compression zones of adjacent bolts under stress overlap each other to form compression bands. Enhance integrity and improve bearing capacity.

3.Combined beam (arch) action: After the bolt is inserted into the stratum to a certain depth, the strata under the action of the anchoring force squeeze each other, the friction among the layers increases, and the internal stress and deflection decrease, which is equivalent to a simple stack The combined beam (arch) becomes a composite beam (arch). The flexural rigidity and strength of the composite beam (arch) are improved, thereby enhancing the bearing capacity of the formation.

The practice of the protection and reinforcement treatment of the west side slope of the main plant area in this project has proved that the construction efficiency of self-drilling hollow bolts is more than 30% higher than that of traditional grouting bolts. The self-drilling hollow bolt anchoring technology brings great convenience to the treatment of disastrous geological slopes, and is more advanced, applicable and economical for the protection and reinforcement of slopes and has played an irreplaceable effect with other anchoring materials. In practical engineering, the slope, height, geological conditions, hazard degree and site construction conditions of the slope are the basis for selecting protection and reinforcement measures. Reasonable technical solutions are the key to realizing safe, high-quality and efficient construction of protection and reinforcement of high and steep slopes.

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