Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polyester Fabric Bed Sheets

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Polyester fabric for bed sheets is a synthetic fiber, a less expensive option, and has many advantages that cotton does not. It has durable fibers that do not wear down as quickly while being flexible and resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. Unlike cotton, polyester dries rapidly, which makes it excellent for colder weather and sports, where you do not want a moist texture against your skin.

Polyester is prominent among athletes for its strong fibers, moisture-wicking properties, and lightweight sense. However, for heat printers, taking safeguards when adorning polyester is essential. Cotton polyester yarn also tends to migrate between the decoration and fabric dye. Are you looking for high-quality bed sheets? Give a read to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a polyester fabric bedsheet. 

Polyester Sheets

Polyester fabric for bed sheets is made from artificial fibers. Polyester fabric can be made of a hundred percent synthetic fibers, but many polyester sheets are polyester blends. These sheets should feel smooth and lightweight to the touch. Polyester bed sheets are widely utilized all over the world. Polyester fiber also produces many products besides bed sheets, like stuffed toys, pillows, etc.

Types of Polyester Sheets

There are quite a few polyester blends accessible. To help you determine which you might prefer, there is some info on a few of the most outstanding blends below.

Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are commonly entirely made of polyester fibers. They feel lightweight and smooth and drape adequately over the body.

Cotton Polyester Blend Sheets 

Cotton polyester yarn sheets feel related to microfiber, but the inclusion of cotton can make them a bit thicker and softer than pure nylon or microfiber blend sheets.

Nylon Polyester Blend Sheets

You could have noticed a polyester-nylon blend captioned as "microfiber." These sheets frequently feel quite related to hundred percent polyester sheets.

Advantages of Polyester Bed Sheets

Some benefits of polyester fabric for bed sheets are as follows.

Stable Price

Since polyester sheets are made with artificial fiber, the prices do not vary much, as in the case of sheets made with cotton and additional fibers.


Cotton polyester yarn is strong and does not wear out, so bed sheets with polyester are long-lasting, durable, and usually withstand years of washing and wear.

Resists Wrinkles

Polyester bed sheets are very reluctant to wrinkle, making them very simple.

Doesn't Shrink

Polyester fabric for bed sheets does not shrink like other fabrics and keeps its shape unchanged due to the synthetic material used.


Polyester bed sheets are very inexpensive because they are prepared using synthetic fiber. Other fiber sheets are costly.

Suitable for Winters

Polyester fabric for bed sheets is excellent for cold weather. They are very warm and give good insulation.

Dries Quickly

Polyester fiber isn't a decent absorber of water, so polyester sheets dry rapidly after a good wash.


Polyester sheets are incredibly lightweight yet strong and durable. In addition, the percentage of polyester sheets is on the higher side, making it very comfortable.

Disadvantages of Polyester Bed Sheets

Some disadvantages of polyester fabric for bed sheets are as follows.

Not Breathable

Polyester sheets are not breathable and don't pass air, which can be difficult for some people. Polyester microfiber is extra breathable and porous, but natural fabrics, like cotton, tend to be the most absorbent and breathable.

Not Good For Summers

Polyester fabric is a decent insulator, which is why it is not adequate for summer. It maintains the warm air trapped and can result in sweating.

Temperature Sensitive

Polyester fabric for bed sheets is a very sensitive fiber, and warmth can quickly damage polyester sheets. Thus, care must be taken to prevent damage. 

Not Suitable and Gentle for Skin

Polyester sheets are comparatively hard, and thus they are not suitable for some skin types. If a person has sensitive skin, polyester fiber could be irritating, even if the fabric is detailed as hypoallergenic. Other fabrics like linen, cotton, or hemp might be a decent fit for you.

Allergy Problem

Textile Dermatitis is a kind of skin allergy resulting from coming in touch with polyester fiber because it is a synthetic fabric. Also, if a person has allergies to synthetic fabrics, he may need to steer clear of polyester bed sheets. Your allergy may arrive from processing the sheets, dyes, chemicals, or the material itself. So polyester fabric for bed sheets is not approved for people with sensitive skin or allergy conditions.


Polyester is much more slippery than cotton, so bed sheets made of polyester fabric keep coming off, which can be disturbing, and they also frequently need to be readjusted on the bedsheet before bed.

How To Choose Polyester Sheets?


Polyester microfiber bedsheets are recommended because they are more absorbent, softer, and lighter in weight than regular polyester fabrics. Microfiber is also much simpler when looking for polyester fabric for bed sheets. But both materials are affordable, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. Which one you select ultimately relies on what makes you most comfortable.

In general, polyester is an artificial material; it is not as breathable as natural fabrics. If you want to sleep hot, you might want a mixture of polyester with natural textures, like cotton, to make the bed sheets more breathable. Remember that these mixtures might be more costly than a hundred percent polyester since they include more expensive natural fibers.


All around, polyester bed sheets fall in a related price range and are generally very affordable. You might see some variations in price for double-brushed or brushed microfiber bed sheets or polyester sheets, but generally, you can anticipate paying around $20 to $50 for a queen-size sheet.


Some polyester bed sheets are OEKO-TEX certified. This implies that the yarn wholesale suppliers comply with environmental and safety statutes to preserve the fabric from deadly chemicals. A certification can put you in comfort if you are weary of added chemicals with artificial materials.


Polyester fabric for bed sheets can be a low-maintenance and cheap addition to your bedroom. Microfiber polyester sheets are popular for their softness, and many people find them very comfortable. In addition, polyester is a wrinkle-resistant, strong fabric that can be an inexpensive addition to your mattress. The sheets are less inclined to wrinkles and will wash effortlessly and dry rapidly. But, while specific polyester sheets are labeled as breathable, polyester material doesn't absorb moisture, and you may feel hot or stifling at night. Moreover, they are not as breathable as cotton or linen; their resistance to wrinkles, price, and durability are still important reasons to deem a new pair of polyester sheets.

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