Advanced Digital Technologies Provide Solutions to Tinnitus and Hearing Problems

by Amit Sahni Audiologist
It might come as a shock to many, but scientific studies have shown that at least one out of five Australians suffer from the condition of tinnitus. The human ear is a much underestimated organ, and finding solutions to some of the problems of the ear could be tricky, especially if the problem is found in a progressed state. Tinnitus is one of the problems associated with the human ear, others include loss of hearing, inner ear issues leading to balance problems, etc.

Unsettling Sounds
The hearing condition called tinnitus manifests itself as a ringing, humming or unusual noises in the ears, when no such noise or sound exists. It is a condition that has baffled the medical community, because there are no clues on how it comes about; usually it is considered as one of the conditions of old age or an ear injury. Fortunately, medical science and engineering have come to their rescue with a modern and efficient way to fight this problem, i.e., hearing aids for tinnitus. These new digital hearing aids work wonders for tinnitus sufferers, but it should be mentioned, that all patients may not get the same result.

Modern Technology
In an effort to help citizens suffering from tinnitus, the Australian Government has designated hearing centers which provide analysis and hearing tests. Once they get a professional opinion of whether they have tinnitus, patients can visit special clinics which conducts appropriate hearing tests and evaluations. Tinnitus has been found to affect people over 55 years old, and advances in modern science, technology and miniaturization has come up with digital hearing aids for tinnitus which are very effective to curb this condition in most cases. These specialized clinics offer patients a whole range of solutions besides handling tinnitus issues, they also provide auditory rehabilitation training and advice on how to protect hearing.

Probable Causes
The problem of tinnitus is not listed as an ear disease, but is considered as a symptom, but even after a lot of research, opinions are still divided as to how this condition comes about. Some of the reasons shown as the cause of tinnitus ranges from aftereffects of medication, smoking, alcohol, constant exposure to loud noise, and stress-related problems. Since the introduction of digital hearing aids for tinnitus, patients have found an acceptable solution to an irritating and debilitating condition. While the hearing aids may not work for all tinnitus sufferers, where it has succeeded, patients have reported tremendous relief.

The fast-paced advance of digital technology along with miniaturization techniques has provided people with hearing disabilities including tinnitus sufferers, a positive and viable option of an improved and better way of life now and highly advanced solutions in the future.

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