Achieve Success in Your B2B marketing with Clear Goals and Measurable Metrics

by Stive Walson Business Marketing Expert

B2B marketing refers to any marketing strategy or content that is geared towards a business or organization, instead of a retail customer. To sell products or services to a business, a company needs to engage in business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategies that target the needs, interests and expectations of the decision-makers who make purchases on behalf of an organization.

B2B marketing has its own set of challenges as buying cycles can last for months, purchase decisions can require multiple approvals, and distribution channels that are often effective in the case of retail or business-to-customer (B2C) marketing segment may not work well when it comes to influencing business decision-makers. Moreover, B2B products and services are often cutting-edge and people may even not know that they exist.

A digital marketing agency Vancouver will work towards a specific marketing objective or goal such as lead nurturing, customer education, brand differentiation or an increase in revenue to help you overcome such challenges and win with innovative marketing efforts.

Get a professionally-built B2B website

You need to have a professionally built B2B website that is responsive, fast, secure and actionable. Your website should be more than just a brochure for your company. It should have the features and functionalities that could lead the buyers to the top of your marketing funnel by capturing user data and channeling visitors towards products they are interested to buy.

Buyer stages in B2B marketing

For success in B2B marketing, a business has to create a customer experience that carefully guides the target audience through the buyer’s stages. These include:

Demand generation: It includes identification of the problem, solution exploration and requirement building. This stage will create awareness and interest in the products and services of a business.

Lead generation: This marketing strategy focuses on the middle and bottom of the sales funnel with an aim to convert the interest of the user into action that converts them into a buyer. It solves the last three tasks that the buyer needs to perform for a sale, supplier selection, validation and consensus creation.

Retention and recovery: This loyalty loop marketing strategy focuses on turning one-time customers into repeat ones so that a business continues to get value from their loyal customers.

Buyer enablement content

Additionally, a B2B PR agency Vancouver needs to create buyer enablement content that supports the completion of critical buyer tasks. For this, a marketing company should understand the specific tasks that buyers need to perform through their purchase journey, provide them with the information and tools that facilitate these tasks, and make this information available to the buyers through their preferred channel. The content marketing pieces that need to be utilized for this purpose include blog posts, infographics and E-books that could have a great impact on your marketing initiatives.

Create high-value content pieces with commercial intent 

Make sure to create high-value pieces that make a direct contribution to your sales efforts. Case studies, webinars, product demos or anything else that targets the customer pain points will be helpful. Long-form of content should be optimized with keywords that have some level of commercial intent. Your investment in content will continue to generate leads for you long after you have stopped working on it.

B2B marketing is often thought as a hub for quantifiable results with no place for emotions. The truth is that individuals in B2B marketing too are affected by emotions and will buy a product or service when they see personal value in it. However, the emotional factor in B2B marketing differs from that of B2C in that in B2B marketing, decision-makers play for high professional stakes. Moreover, decisions are made on the basis of groupthink when people strive for consensus rather than choosing the best option for their company.

Partner with a B2B digital agency Vancouver

A trusted digital agency Vancouver specializing in business-to-business marketing can help you succeed with your B2B marketing strategies. Magnolia Marketing Communications is the leading digital agency in Vancouver with extensive expertise in achieving success for their B2B marketing clients. Magnolia MC can help you capture leads effectively, set clear goals for your B2B marketing and track your success with measurable metrics. Get in touch with Magnolia MC to get the best outcomes from your B2B marketing efforts with quantifiable results.

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