A Woman's Guide to Knowing When to Get Assistance for Cysts

by Reggie Moore Professional writer and proto entrepreneur

A cyst is a fluid-filled lump that can form on many different body parts, including in the skin. Cysts are more common among women, but they also affect men and children. If you have a cyst that does not go away or gets larger over time, it is important to get help from your doctor. This blog post will talk about five ways to know when it's time for assistance with your cysts.

Discomfort or Pain

Cysts can cause discomfort and painful symptoms, but they are not the only type of cyst that can do this. Cysts in some parts of your body, such as your ovaries, may also cause sharp stabbing pains when you move a certain way or even during normal activities like walking or sleeping. If it is difficult to be active, you may have a cyst that needs assistance.

The pain or discomfort from your cysts might also cause nausea and vomiting, as well as changes in bowel movements. If these symptoms and other signs of a cyst need medical attention to occur, it is time to reach out for help.


If the cysts are causing pressure in your body, you may also have swelling. You might notice this as swollen feet or ankles after being on them for too long. Some women even report that they will wake up to find their hands and fingers inflated during the night because of fluid retention around their cysts. If this happens and the other symptoms of a cyst needing assistance, it is time to see your doctor.

You should also be aware that swelling can occur in places besides around the cysts themselves. The pain and discomfort from some types of cysts may cause inflammation throughout the body. This inflammatory response increases fluid retention and causes puffiness, such as swollen eyelids or a swollen tongue. It also may cause redness and heat in the area.

Skin Changes

Cysts can affect the skin in a couple of ways that might be signals for assistance. Cysts near your eyes may cause swelling and redness, also known as eye inflammation. It is important to get help with these cysts because they may become very painful or even lead to vision problems if not treated early on.

Similarly, cysts on your scalp may also cause swelling and redness of the skin. This is especially true if it is near the hairline. This type of inflammation can lead to scarring in this area as well. If you notice either of these symptoms and any other signs that a cyst might need assistance, make an appointment with a doctor right away.


When your cysts get large enough, they may start to drain fluid or pus. This is especially true of cysts near the skin surface, which can be expressed through a small opening in these lumps. If you notice an increase in discharge from one particular area that was not there before, even if it doesn't have a bad smell, it is a sign that your cyst needs attention.

The fluid from these lumps may also change colors throughout the time they are draining. If you see green or yellow discharge instead of clear serum, this could be an infection and should be checked out by a doctor right away. It might not even just be pus coming out of the cyst. It could also be blood from a broken blood vessel in or around it, so this should not be ignored either.

Dimpling or Indentations

If you press on your cysts and notice that they feel softer than usual, it might be a sign of rupture. If the fluid in these lumps is released into your body, there is less pressure behind them to help keep their shape. This means that if someone presses on them with even just light pressure, they may notice that the lumps feel softer than before. Dimpling or indentations on your skin is another sign of this happening.

If you are concerned about cysts, consider taking a types of PCOS quiz to start your journey. Always make sure to make any health decisions with assistance from a credentialed physician.

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