A Sales Guide to Closing Contactless Deals

by Reggie Moore Professional writer and proto entrepreneur

In the era of cashless payments, credit cards, and mobile wallets, it's no surprise that contactless payment acceptance has risen dramatically. Despite this trend, contactless transactions typically still only make up a small percentage of all card-present transactions. A salesperson working in the retail sector or elsewhere in the hospitality space who would like to implement more contactless payment options in the establishment has certain considerations people should keep in mind for ensuring customers feel confident about using their cards on their terminals. Here are the Sales Guide to Closing Contactless Deals.

Building Customer Confidence

The first key to boosting contactless transactions is building a customer-first mentality within the business. People staff will be more willing to accept payments with a chip and pin (or similar) card if they feel the place they are visiting gives them great service or treats them with respect. If they are looking to implement additional types of chip and pin holders, make sure that the ones they are using are of high quality.

This will help make customers feel assured that the business is professionally run and that they're safe to pay using this method. People can build a customer-first mentality within their business by providing the salesperson with a friendly greeting when they enter the building. It will give them a good first impression of the establishment, and they may be more willing to try out new payment methods that they are offering.

Making the Transaction Smooth

Communications between a customer and a salesperson are key during the checkout process, which means contacting the customer via email, phone call, text message, or social media. Those who conduct contactless transactions may experience frustration if they have to communicate with a salesperson again to clarify payment details due to issues such as an incorrect typing of their pin.

To avoid this, it's essential to make the process of completing payment as seamless as possible. It means using a contactless terminal that has an attentive salesperson on hand who can quickly and easily answer questions about payment details. Make it easy to sign contracts with features like DocuSign Salesforce integration. If the business is not accepting payment with a contactless chip and pin card yet, this may well be due to security vulnerabilities associated with it. People must explore other options for secure payments before making the transition to contactless payments.

Improving Customer Loyalty

A key benefit that many businesses believe they can gain through increased use of contactless mobile payments is the opportunity to drum up more customer loyalty. It has been estimated that around 2/3 of contactless cardholders will also use credit or debit cards for the same purchase in a subsequent transaction. All it takes is one customer who enjoyed a special experience at the establishment to recommend people and their payment methods to their friends, and they will start seeing a dramatic uptick in the number of contactless transactions they are receiving.

People can ensure that customers feel confident about recommending their business to others by providing them with a recommendation card when they make their payment. By doing this, customers will understand that they are committed to providing them with great service and a pleasant shopping experience. These two things can help create loyalty through repeat purchases.

Providing Personalized Customer Service

If people's business has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, then there's an elevated chance that customers will look to pay with their contactless cards when making their purchases. It doesn't necessarily mean that they will do so exclusively, but it will mean that they have a wider selection of payment methods from which they can draw. Contactless payment transactions are not time-intensive for staff, and the fact that the customer only has to enter three numbers to make payment means that they will complete this process quicker than they would if they were to pay with their chip and pin card.

This could translate into an uptick in sales, particularly for those businesses which need to make quick transactions, such as fast-food restaurants. Contactless payments can also be helpful if the business is located in an area where there are many tourists. Tourists who aren't familiar with the area may be more likely to make a payment with their contactless cards if the business has a reputation for providing excellent service and making it easy for them to pay.

Offering a Great Customer Experience

Regardless of whether people are looking to boost the number of contactless transactions or not, customer experience is crucial if they want to succeed in today's competitive retail environment. Contactless payments are no longer niche – they are a more mainstream option for customers who may see this as the most convenient way to pay. One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the retail sector is being able to build lasting relationships with customers during every transaction.

This helps make people feel good about their place of work, and it can also provide them with a great feeling of satisfaction at the end of each day. If they are looking to increase contactless payments, there are several ways they can go about doing so. Ensure that their staff understand the benefits of using contactless payments and provide customers with an efficient payment method on the spot. Contactless payments require minimal training, and those who can provide customers with high-quality service will be more likely to receive a great number of contactless transactions than those who aren't as efficient.

The potential impact of contactless payments can be felt across the retail sector everywhere that it is adopted. Any business which is looking to transform their store into a digital hub and attract new customers by offering contactless payments should look into this method of payment today.

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