A Playback Singer's Guide To learn Singing in 5 Easy Steps

by Saurav Bhagat SEO Professional

Wanna know how to sing? Are you unsure where to get started? Are your friends and family members constantly telling you that you're a "tone deaf"? Please don't be discouraged because you can learn how to sing in 5 proven steps.

I myself began singing with little afternoon singing lessons that really helped my voice grow and you can start learning how to sing too. But let's first continue with the basics, before we leap straight into a Classical Vocal Album. As my guruji says, "slow down and listen to the raags".

Here are the 5 Proven Steps to Learn Singing better:

  1. Start with a Proper Warmup of vocal cords 

Your warm-up routine needs to get serious.

This is a major problem with amateur singers. If you don't think you need to warm up, then you're wrong. If you're not warming up, then you really have to start.

Warming up has helped all the talented singers out there. Some have insane routines, particularly when they need long stretches of time to perform.

Some great routines are available and many instructors will give you proper guidance in this field. But a proper diet and some stretching exercises are a must to start up.

This is an utter must!

  1. Breathe Management

Managing the breathing is one of the things that singers will learn most.

You can't hold your breath, you can't sing. It is so easy, really.

What you just need to remember is that singing breathing is different, and speaking breathing is different.

There are some excellent singing coaches that give you some useful tips and strategies to demonstrate how to breathe properly. You can continue control of this area with the proper guidance.

If you're a beginner, knowing this is really important to see for progress.

Do not take ‘breathe’ while singing:

When we chat, in the middle of our sentences, we don't run out of breath and we don't consciously "take" a breath before we speak. Our body knows how much air we need to respond to what we want to say. The same rules apply in all of our vocal cords Active "taking" a breath will trigger tension in your arms, neck and shoulders. Think of your thoughts and you'll have the air you need to sing the word.

Do not hold your ‘breathe’ while singing:

Read every sentence out loud in this post. Failed? Note that you didn't hold your breath and you breathed out when you were talking. Sing out the sentence now. It will sound exactly the same. If you were taking a breath and holding it right before you sang, you are creating too much anxiety.

  1. Fix the gaps and Voice Cracks:

It's never a good idea to force your voice.

If you can't trust your voice, if you sing on stage or in front of other people, the lack of confidence can cause problems.

Cracks and interruptions typically occur between registers (chest and head). If your vocal muscles are weak you can split and crack your voice when you attempt to increase your strength or range.

So to build up these muscles you need some vocal exercises and you need to stop being nervous or afraid. A perfect exercise is a fall of 5, 4, 3, 2 1

Many beginners are unable to differentiate between head and chest voice and so it is often recommended to learn through a step-- a course that covers these topics.

  1. Understand your Vocal Range

It's very, very important to consider your vocal range. You may think you're a tone-deaf or a bad singer, but you're just straining your voice and beyond the limits, your voice can touch. Ok, don't get me wrong now, you should practice expanding your vocal range, but make sure you take precautions for the baby. Don't harm the chords in your ear.

I always recommend you keep an eye on your vocal range. You tell your voice how to sign, how long to sign and in what note, so make sure that you have full control over that. Try not to strain your voice or pressure it too hard, you could just end up with a disappointed self and a horrible finale.

Also, staying in control during pitch jumps is incredibly important. Practice remaining in tune during a climb or fall in the slope, because that's what's going to make you sing a song on time. Scales and drills are used to focus on vocal performance. Everybody knows the climb of "do re mi" so seek to learn it.

  1. Get yourself a Singing Coach to Practice

It's better, more fun and with a good coach, you're going to learn to sing well faster. Whichever you pick, when they sing your coach will sound fine.

When you believe you can develop your singing, the right methods need to be practised.

You've definitely watched countless American Idol episodes. Did you see how much change the contestants have over the course of a season? It is not a miracle, it is referred to as science.

As a talented singer, these contestants practice and train their voice. It's no mystery, in order to get better, you must practice.

If you do the exercises of wrong singing over and over, you're never going to get decent. You need to practice, but the correct acts, activities and chanting exercises need to be performed.

You'll need proper guidance to boost your confidence in singing

You need a range of exercises and strategies that you can go along with and progress. You can't get that out of an object. You need a curriculum from a professional singing coach. If you live in Delhi then there is definitely good news for you as Mr Mohit Arora Sir runs a Singing institute in West Delhi by the name Singing Classes in Delhi. You may book an appointment with him or a FREE demo class by scheduling a personal meeting with him.

There is no place for it. If you want a stronger voice you're going to need some help.

Lastly, I’d like to say, there is no substitute for hard work. If you really want to hone your singing skills, you need to start from today itself. Follow the steps explained above and no one can stop you from becoming the next singing sensation.

Believe in yourself!


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