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Fortunately, the coronavirus COVID-19 has the least effect on children. The symptoms are mild and completely curable. But unfortunately, kids are not immune to the disturbing images going around or the threatening news that bombard them from all corners. No matter how young, children already know what is going on. And their imaginative minds are surely painting stories that are far away from reality. With schools shut and a few things to keep them engaged, chances are that your children are dwelling in their fears closely fuelled by the world around them. As parents, you naturally need to step in here.Filter out the fantasies from the realities.Talk to your children in the following ways and make sure that the kids are really staying safe.

Control your emotions before the conversation

The Best Play Schools in Sonipat might have already advised you during other instances to not lose control over your emotions in front of your children. They have an innate capability of picking up your reactions and resonating with the same. So, if you are feeling anxious regarding the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, avoid starting a conversation then. Excuse yourself to calm down and engage only when you are composed. Your children might be looking for solace or reassurance from you. You cannot provide that if you are not feeling reassured in the first place.

Start by asking what they already know

It is pointless to restate things that your children already know. Soon the conversation might turn into a lecture and your kids can lose interest. Instead, ask them about what they have heard from the news and the internet and listen to their opinion about the whole situation. Correct the information wherever necessary and instigate them to ponder further upon whatever you shared. Giving your children the stage to go first makes them feel empowered and drives engagement to the conversation. When they see that their parents are willing to listen to them, they rarely side with other agents where the facts are almost always twisted.

Answer their questions honestly

And explain why. Do not leave the ground with a simple yes or no. If you feel that you do not know the answer to any of their questions, research together and find out the facts from authentic sources. Refrain from sharing your assumptions and speculations. Plus, there is no point in hiding the truth as well. You cannot mask the fact that people are losing their lives to this pandemic as your children will come to know about it anyways. Try explaining the reason for the same. Tell them people with previous medical conditions are more vulnerable and a healthy body is perfectly capable of fighting the coronavirus.

But keep things age-appropriate

Surely, a pre-primary student has not reached the developmental stage yet to think about medical conditions and fatalities. The best play school in Sonipat will always advise against overwhelming children with information as there is always the right time to discuss a few things. If required, watch the news away from young children and just stick to the explanation that people are getting very sickwith a disease similar to the common cold. Middle school students might bring questions to you about the current scenario but children way younger than that can stay away from the grim sides of this pandemic.

Continue talking to your children

You cannot feel relieved merely after having one conversation. As time progresses, the children will continue to collect more information and frame their own opinions. Hence, you need to check in regularly. Repeat the above steps periodically. Ask your children every alternate day if they have something new to share or figure out if they want to know something further from you. It might be something simple like washing hands or major like when will all this end. You need to keep tabs on your children’s imaginations and act as the realistic filter. Keep talking, keep conversing. Constantly help your child to dwell in facts.

The top CBSE School List in sonipat are also not sitting idle. Through online mediums and their collaborations with parents, they are constantly counselling students to deal with this latest development. Swarnprastha Public School is also doing its bit in every way possible to help its students and parents maintain normalcy during these unsettling times. The counselling wing of SPS is available for consultation. The school is also acting to keep students involved in education. Activity and routine will help children to stay away from constantly thinking about the ongoing pandemic and becoming anxious more than necessary. Schools and parents should be children’s go-to guide. And it is our responsibility to show them the light that exists beyond this tunnel.

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