A Marketplace with a Difference: Buy & Sell with Video Content

by Micheal John Technical Writer

Ever since the e-commerce revolution, we have experienced important transformations in the marketplace. From offline, the marketplace went online, and today we are dealing with an on-the-go marketplace. Along with transformation in the technology, there has been a notable transformation in the way the marketplace interacted with the customers and engaged them. Earlier, you could upload the photos and get the buyer interested in what you have. With time, the necessity to get users registered and verified before they could post their products became essential. With mobile apps becoming a constant with the users, these marketplaces shifted places, moving from the website to the mobile.

The users still felt that they were unable to comprehend the product completely with the photos, and wanted to know more about the product. This gave rise to a notable way of putting up content on the marketplace- through a video. People engage better with videos, which is why video-based content in a marketplace can get more people onboard, as compared to a regular imaged based content.

Such marketplaces carry more information about the product and can help the users make the necessary decision faster and in a better way.

The Need for Video Content

The question here is why we need a marketplace that allows us to buy/sell with video content. The image of a product doesn’t give you a complete idea of the product. You might not be able to comprehend how the product works, and what could be the best use of the product. Sellers cannot do justice to the product by weaving its features into words either. To give a complete idea of how the product works, what all can be done using it, and a complete idea of the dimensions of the product, you need video content.

This is why marketplaces are including video based content to give out details on the product. The video will help you get a 360-degree view of the product, understand the features and put things in perspective for you. A video content makes buying and selling easy and effective.

Mobile App for B2C Marketplaces

The mobile application is a necessity for your business to survive in the transforming era. Buying and selling have become easier and effective with mobile marketplaces. Apps such as eBay have allowed users to upload the photos of the products they want to sell on-the-go, thus saving a lot of time.

The main challenge these marketplaces faced was showcasing the products in an easier and interpretable manner. With the video based content, the users can post videos of the product, thus giving more meaning to the product. The video content can also include text, music and voice over, depending on what you need to complete the content. The video content is a DIY feature, wherein the user can create own videos and edit it with ease.

Now that we know the importance of video in marketplace content, it is time we understand how the application includes this feature.

Developing the Application

The idea is to develop an application that makes it easy for the user to upload videos and pitch their product to the buyers. To develop such an application, you need to have a seamless communication between the backend systems and the frontend interface. When the user presses on play video, the video should seamlessly start along the interface of the mobile app.

The mobile app data, the video content, as well as the entire operation of the application, is controlled from the backend. Hence, it is important that you work on getting the backend perfect for your app. Divide your development into designing the interface, and coding the backend.

To ensure smooth communication, and zero glitches, make sure you have videos no more than 60 seconds for the content. The idea is to enable to user to use their device camera to record the videos and get it uploaded to the application. You also need to include the real-time editing and filter options for the video to get the text, audio and editing of the video right.

Before we move to the actual solution, and how this can be done, we would like to state the challenges that you are likely to face while developing this application, and how to overcome it.

The Challenges

The machine will understand the video in a particular language, and your user in another. It is important to code for both the machine and user and make sure the coding conversion is seamless and the wait time is zero

You will need to define the architecture for the system with AWS so that you can make it available at all times, and ensure on-the-go buying/selling

You will need to structure the database for the application

The Solution

Considering the need of the end user, and the challenges, the video solution works best for your needs. The video content based marketplace can be effectively developed using Python Django Framework that comes with the Postgre for seamless communication between the interface and the backend systems.

You will need to develop GUI applications to enable numerical, statistical and image/video based programs on your application. To structure the database, you will need to use the right relational or non-relational database. It is important to choose the right video platform and integrate it into your application to record videos with ease and upload it to the application without major efforts.

Summarizing it

A video content based marketplace application has become a necessity in the digitally advanced era. People would rather watch videos than swipe through multiple photos to get an idea of the product. The challenge lies in effectively integrating the video platform that can record videos and make it editable without the need of an expert. You will need to use the right platform, and combine it with appropriate technology to unleash the apt application.

Seashore Partners is a Python Development company that has immense experience in developing video based market place solution. If you have an idea that needs to be transformed into a mobile application, connect with us.

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