A lockdown that caused back pain…

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Most days, during lockdown, I do a tour of my home that goes something like this.

I awaken at 7am and cash in of the very fact I don’t get to be anywhere and add bed for a few of hours on my laptop.

After breakfast, I take up residence at the table, where I perch on the sting of 1 of my stiff-backed kitchen chairs.

Once the now customary twinges set in and begin doping up my back after about an hour, I migrate to the front room to sink into the sofa, until my skeletal structure feels so collapsed from hunching over my computer, I return to the kitchen.

And so continues my daily journey in pursuit of somewhere — anywhere — I can feel comfortable nough to try to to my work.


Binge watching movies from a hard and fast position on your bed all day, a day looks like it's going to alright be the sole choice to assist you power through the coronavirus pandemic while staying at home… but did you recognize that doing this for too long can potentially cause body stiffness and increased lower back pain?

If the pain persists you can go and check various medication available to relieve you from pain and make you feel better.

Sometimes sitting in the uncomfortable car for a longer time can make you feel tired and painfull.

Check out the advances in automotive industry.

Common causes of back pain would be:

Lower back strain


Degenerative disc disease

Improper spine alignment and stability

Herniated disc

Spinal stenosis


Other causes associated with the system the body’s form, support, stability and movement mechanisms;

“And now quite ever with this lockdown, people got to get creative to undertake to stop and/or alleviate back pain reception .


At-home lower back pain therapies:


Limit your bed rest. If you've got lower back pain, Dr. Parikh recognizes that a person’s first instinct could also be to get in bed or sitting for long periods of your time . “This does more harm than good, though” warns Dr. Parikh. “This can cause serious stiffness and a long-term increase in pain.” actually , he notes that prolonged bed rest can amount to loss of about 1% of muscle strength every day . “The sooner you begin moving or maybe engaging in light to moderate exercise, the faster you'll improve overall,” the expert adds.

Get active! Maintenance of physical activity is important to treating and/or preventing back pain. “At the foremost basic level, meaning standing, walking and limiting sitting/lying down throughout the day,” he explains. “But if you would like to require it to subsequent level and push your body, try incorporating aerobic activity like jump roping, jogging, dancing (Zumba) or maybe kickboxing.”Dr. Parikh also recommends incorporating strength training workouts to focus on the core and hips, like fire hydrants, superman’s and planks. Many exercises are often found on free home exercise apps, like 7 Minute Workout or Nike Training Club, along side the right techniques.

Apply ice or heat therapy. consistent with Dr. Parikh, heat therapy tends to assist relax muscle tissue and relieve back pain. “That being said, though, many patients got to take a customized approach to heat or ice with reference to their pain complaints,” he shares.

Some foods to avoid overly eating would include:

Sugary drinks

Processed snacks (potato chips) and food

High-fat dairy products (ice cream)

Constant take-out from restaurants

Fried food

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