A Guide to the Safe Operation of Vertical Spindle Moulding Machines

by Harmeet Kaur Sales Manager at Woodmasterindia


The Vertical spindle Moulding machines are amongst the most important and handy tools in the wood-work department. They are usually used for the cutting, grooving and curving up of wood. The instrument has been a boon in the industry by helping workers come up with accurate and finished results. However, the use of this tool is highly precarious as it involves the risk of ejection of work-pieces and tool materials due to high force and human contact with the tool. This is why workers need to be extra cautious while working on this device. 

Hazards related

These machines have a serious history of accidents when not operated on proper precautions, which resulted in grave injuries to the worker up to an extent that they were never again able to work in the same industry. The primary reason for these injuries was-

  • Direct Contact with cutter blades while operating the machine
  • Ejection of tool parts or workpiece
  • Contact during repairs and maintenance 
  • High pitched noise from the machinery
  • Dust emitted during the cutting process

Direct Contact with cutter blades

The most common reason for workers directly affected by cutter blades is not using proper cutting techniques. Here are some measures to avoid this phenomenon-

  • Use FIX guards in the machinery to prevent direct contact with the tool.
  • Using push-sticks or prongs to guide the material to the cutter and remove the debris will help reduce chances of direct contact.
  • Install braking devices
  • Use false fences to create a gap between the in and outfeed.
  • Use front and backstops to avoid kick-back of tools.
  • Use a power feed with side pressure pads to effectively guide the material to the machine.

Ejection of tool parts of the workpiece

The sudden impact from a high-speed work-piece or a tool part like that of the router machines could cause major bruises, cuts or fracture to the worker. These incidents could be avoided by –

  • Proper and regular maintenance of the machinery.
  • Using proper and standard tools to equip in the machinery.
  • Marking the machinery with maximum rotational speeds to avoid breakdown of the machine.
  • Not using unmarked tools for an operation will help considerably avoid the chances of mishaps.

Contact during repairs and Maintenance

There have been cases of casualties during the maintenance and repair of the machine equipment which can be avoided if proper precautions and rules are followed. Here are a few solutions to circumvent such incidents-

  • Shut-down all power supply to the machine before working on its repair and maintenance.
  • Follow a standard manufacturer guide to adjust the tool accurately.
  • Keep records of routine checks and inspections documented properly.
  • Make sure to verify the re-assembling of guards and brakes into the machinery after repair. 


A vertical spindle moulding machine may exceed the safe noise level of 85dB and cause hearing problems for the people around. It sometimes results in the permanent loss of hearing capability in workers and needs to be taken care of. The following points might help you have a sound ear-

  • Always use ear protectors and gears while near a machinery
  • Noise levels can be reduced if enclosed within proper noise barriers. 
  • If high pitched noise is heard, higher than the usual sound, call the maintenance team and have them verify for faulty equipment or loose attachments.

Dust particles

The dust particles generated during the cutting process may lead to problems like eye irritations, breathing problems, lung damage or even cancer. This is why protecting yourself from the dust flying around is necessary and to do so-

  • wear eye protecting gears at work
  • Use respiratory protection at work
  • Employ dust extraction equipment in the worked domain to reduce dust particles from debris in his zone.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, signboards and safety rules can be hung up on the walls to act as constant reminders to the workers. Factories should only employee and allow trained workers to work on such machinery and supervise accordingly. One can always take proper precautions and avoid being the victim of a miserable tragedy. 

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