A Guide on the things one should know before home renovation

by Ayushi Choudhary Blogger

Renovating your house is both exciting and adventurous. However, it is really easy to go off the trails when you are renovating your house. That is why there are a huge number of things that you require to consider before you start off with Home Interiors Bangalore. Here we are with a few things that must be kept in mind before starting on any major home improvement project. 

1 Understand what you like: First, you need to decide what exactly you want to include in your home renovation project and decide accordingly. You should carefully observe every aspect of the available spaces in the existing house and know where exactly you would like to have changes. Depending on that you should make a concrete plan for yourself. Without a proper plan, you are never going to get the desired outcome.

2 Do a reality check: Properly check out the feasibility of your project. You might want to have a laundry room in your house but you may not have the available space for it. You will have to check out all these properly and you must also try to understand how exactly you can make the best use of the available space to design a proper project. You should also have to realise what is actually available within your existing budget. Do not be too emotional while making your plans for Home Interiors Bangalore. You should consider every single detail before starting your project. 

3 Check out your budget: You need to have a proper idea of the amount of money that you are going to spend on your home renovation project. Also, get yourself prepared for any kind of surprises. In most of the cases, you end up spending a lot more than you actually planned to. That is why you need to have carefully set the budget. It is a very good idea to have a budget for every single room of your house and stick to the budget as much as possible.

4 Ask for recommendations: You must always ask for recommendations from your friends and family members. You can discuss your plans with them and get to know what they have got to say about it. Sometimes, you also understand your flaws while talking about your plan to someone. So, it is a really good idea to talk to people about what exactly you have got in your mind. This is going to give you a sense of clarity and you will also have more confidence in yourself.

5 Make sure that your contractor is insured: Never give your project in the hands of an uninsured contractor. Otherwise, it may cause a lot of risk and the insured contractor will make sure that there is no damage done during the progress of your project. Also, in case of any kind of unforeseen events during Home Interiors Bangalore, the liability will not fall on you.

6 Follow a realistic timeline: Your home renovation project is going to take a longer time than you actually expect it to be. That is why you should keep yourself prepared and make your accommodations accordingly. At any time of the renovation activity, an unexpected situation may pop up. Your plumbing system may require to be replaced or there might be delay in the delivery of the required materials. So, get yourself prepared.

7 Always expect the unexpected: Every house holds a lot of secrets under the floors, in the walls and everywhere and a renovation project will bring all those secrets into light. So, when your contractor tells you that there is a major defect in your house, you must be prepared for it. Your Home Interiors Bangalore budget will also depend on these factors.

8 Interview multiple contractors: Do not settle down for one contractor. You should talk to at least two to three contractors and discuss your plans in detail with them. Understand what their goals and ambitions are and only settle for a contractor after you are 100% sure.

9 Get a contract signed: Before you start off with the project, you need to get a contract signed with your contractor. This will help you to remain secure. You will also be able to carefully mention everything in your contract including timelines, payment schedules, potential payment penalties, etc. The contract will also contain all the information regarding the details of the project. This document will not only protect you but will also show to your contractor how professional you are in doing your business.

10 Write everything down: You need to list everything down related to your home renovation project as mistakes may occur at any time. Writing everything down will make sure that nothing goes wrong. You will also not forget anything. This will also help you to get done with the project in a systematic and organized manner. You will also be able to keep all your suppliers and contractors on their toes and they will not be able to fool you.

11 Know that everything won't be perfect: You need to realise that no matter what you expect, your project won't be exactly what you want it to be. There might be imperfections and you may not be entirely happy with the outcome but that is absolutely ok and you need not panic about it.

So, these are a few important things that you need to keep in mind before you begin with your home renovation project. If you can think of any other important things that need to be taken care of, then do let us know of it.


1. How do I start my home renovation process?

You should start off with a definite plan. This will help you to clearly understand what exactly you expect from the project.

2. Can an interior designer help me with my home renovation project?

Yes, an interior designer can take care of the designing aspect of your home renovation.

3. Will I get an estimate for the project before I begin with the home renovation activities?

Yes, you must always ask your contractor for an estimate. This will give you an idea of the budget that you should set aside for the project.

4. Does a home renovation project include interior designing?

Yes, a home renovation project will include every single aspect of home renovation including interior designing.

5. How do I choose a contractor for my home renovation project?

You should carefully interview the contractor to know his goals and motives. You can also talk to multiple contractors before selecting a single contractor for the project.

6. Will my contractor provide me with a schedule?

Yes, most contractors will provide you with a proper timeline within which your project will be completed.

7. How do I get to know how my house is going to look at the end?

You can ask your contractor for rough drawings and sketches. Some contractors also provide the clients with a graphical representation of the entire project.

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