A Few Tips To Follow To Keep You At Your Best

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

Even through the off-season, training is a good thing to keep you fit.

Here are some tips for consistent cycling training that may help you.

Another good thing to do during the off-season is to take your bike for a bike fitting.

Why are bike fittings important?

A proper bike fitting is vital for your body and performance.

Signs of improper bike fitting are shoulder pain, back pain, and numbness or tingling in the hands and toes, after riding.

Some things to expect if your bike is properly adjusted to fit you:

  • Less or no injuries
  • Comfort for the whole body, including the feet
  • No pain or numbness
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Enhanced performance
  • And better efficiency

A few tips

The most important thing you can do is work with a professional trainer. Your trainer can cater everything to your style, level of skill, body, comfort, and special needs to ensure you are in top shape and ready for your next event.

It’s good to have an electric trainer bike or machine to work on. This will allow you to continue training on your own time.

Training does not always have to feel like work or even be sanctioned by your trainer — a nice stroll, hike, yoga, or leisure ride will do the trick on days you want a bit of rest.

When not cycling, other things you can do to keep fit is to try other sports like running, swimming, or playing soccer.

Just as important as training and staying fit, you need to rest to keep your body and mind fit and healthy. Most people suggest resting 5 days after every 12-14 weeks, and resting for 2-3 weeks in the off-season.

The right schedule for rest, training, conditioning, and riding in events can be determined by several factors — time before last break, stress levels, health, outside commitments, and number of races you have participated in.

Always ensure your bike is properly fitted. You should have the fit evaluated and adjusted every few years or when you have changed your skills, got injured, had body changes occur, and got a new bike.

Finding an off-season trainer

Ask other cyclists or triathletes if they can refer someone.

Discuss your normal routine, health, typical habits, special needs, and events you run to have them make a sample schedule, estimate of cost, and time.

Take a look at the packages they offer to ensure they can cover all your needs in your budget and time frame. A one-stop trainer who includes bike fitting and everything you need to be at your best is ideal for your pocket, as well as your performance and time.

Ensure their work style, personality, and communication style aligns with your ideals. A good trainer should be like a good friend who is willing to push you when you need it.

Some good tips for consistent cycling training include training through the off-season, finding a good trainer, and doing what it takes to stay fit.

Off-season training and bike fit ensure you maintain good efficiency and are ready to go when the next season comes.

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