A Comprehensive Guide For Buying Electric Bikes In India

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Despite the fact that electric bikes and scooters                are more expensive than those powered by fossil fuel engines, things are changing rapidly on the ground. The difference is closing as fuel prices rise and lithium-ion battery prices fall, as well as subsidies from the federal and state governments. What is most is that the road and infrastructure ministry has laid down a series of ideas that will bolster the mobility sector with futuristic innovation and then there is a high chance that the reach of the INR 350 billion scooter market can be enhanced.

As the market takes shape as per the latest technology and growth tools, many baffled people have started to bombard social media with random and spontaneous questions and queries. This is quite usual though as terminologies associated with Electric Bikes and e-scooty are complex and confusing. This digital feature will guide you for purchasing your dream e-scooter in India.

Glorious Road And Market Ahead For E-Scooter In India

In India, where more than 400 million vehicles (scooters, bikes, mopeds, and three-wheelers) ply on the road, they often end up clogging the busy urban streets and roadways, and yet in the modern digital era of 21st century, electric vehicles are still a rare phenomenon in the country. To combat environmental pollution and extreme smog, the country is now launching an aggressive push for electricity-powered vehicles that can redefine the transportation sector in a vast country like India.

Electric vehicle economy in India can also be shaped or calculated according to types of cities like Tier-1 or Tier-2 or Tier-3 where Tier-1 cities are the most developed, with populations exceeding ten lakh people and higher living costs. There are currently 97 cities, which are classified as Tier-2, with the other cities classified as Tier-3. So, currently, the growth of EV is mostly observed in Tier-1 cities while for Tier-2 cities, EVs are still rare but with companies like Amo Mobility, you can always buy an electric bike in Jaipur, Chandigarh, and other cities of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. 

According to KPMG and the Confederation of Indian Industry, electric vehicles (EVs) including e-bikes and Electric scooters in India account for less than 1% of all vehicles sold in 2021. But, as told earlier, things are changing dramatically due to the implementation of technology and innovation. By 2030, battery-powered scooters might account for 25 percent to 35 percent of the two-wheeler industry in India, and three-wheeled vehicles, which are popular here, could account for 65 percent to 75 percent.

4-Step Guide For Buying E-Scooter In India

 Understanding Your Purpose

Electric bikes are made for a variety of uses. It is entirely up to you to determine which characteristics are most important. If comfort is a priority, look for EVs with good mileage and a sturdy body. If you're searching for something to use in a pinch around town, go for a lighter model with a shorter range. You can choose an e-scooty with a longer range and higher mileage for long-distance rides.


2.              Choosing The Best Electric Bike Dealership

Purchasing an electric bike can be as much fun and exciting as buying a usual petrol or diesel bike. However, you should evaluate an e-bike dealership on three factors: energy/decorum of the store, dedication of staff, and quality of the products. When you walk into an electric bike dealership, you should get a sense of the energy and passion from the environment itself while dedication from the staff and salesmen are equally important to notice, which should be followed by a thorough inspection of the Electric Scooty and e-bikes. If you are not getting an adequate and satisfactory outcome then you should either talk to the manager or simply try another good dealership or brand.


Note that, if you are trying any e-bike or e-scooter then you should consider trying multiple products, which will give you the overall idea about all the products and you can then select the best and favorable one.

3.                  Checking The Components And Warranty

After all, EVs are the trending futuristic machines but with fewer moving parts unlike conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. But, like regular bikes and scooters, EVs are also made up of several components like engine, electronics, battery, lights, switches, wires, and exterior finishing. 


On the other hand, the warranty is the most crucial part that you should never ignore. Warranty mostly includes both the vehicle and battery. The best manufacturers will offer a minimum of 1-year warranty on their batteries and 2-3 years warranty on the EV. 


4.                  Checking With Servicing And Maintenance 

Your EV needs regular servicing just like any regular fossil-fuel machinery or vehicle. You can get most of the information from the salesman itself but to be on the certain side, you should also check with the manager and other information that are available on the internet and manufacturer’s website.  


Conclusion: Buying EVs is a great opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of innovation in the electric sector. No doubt, you are specially dedicated to saving the environment with your electric mobility but it is equally important that you get the best product that gives you comfort and mental satisfaction.

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