A Complete Guide To Solar Water Pumps

by Larry Chain solar energy solutions india

Solar water pumps, also known as solar photovoltaic water pumping systems are water pumping systems powered by the sun’s energy. It is similar to the traditional electric pump, except that it uses solar energy instead of electricity or fossil fuel. The system comprises of a motor pump set, one or more solar panels, and a controller device for operating the pump. Sometimes batteries or inverters are also included. Some of the best solar water pumps in India are available for purchase online.

The use of solar water pumps

Solar water pumps are used for extracting water from water sources like borewells, ponds, rivers, etc. to serve crop irrigation, livestock raising or potable drinking water purposes. These are particularly useful in remote areas where there is no or limited access to electricity. For, these need only the sun’s energy which is available almost on every day of the year in a country like ours.

The working of a solar water pump

As mentioned earlier, a solar water pump works just like any other pump set except that the energy derived for operating it comes from the sun. The sunlight falling on the solar panels generate direct current (DC) which is then used to pump out the water with the help of a motor. In those solar water pumps requiring an alternating current (AC), an inverter is used to convert the DC produced into AC.

The advantages of solar water pumps over conventional electric pumps

  • Solar water pumps use renewable energy for their operation. This saves our renewable energy resources.

  • These pumps incur only the equipment buying costs. There are no recurring costs of fuel or electricity. Make sure that you buy one of the best solar water pumps in India. Most manufacturers and dealers offer free installation of the products purchased from them.

  • Power cuts, motor burning, single phase problems, low voltage, etc. do not affect their operation.

  • They can be used remote areas with no or difficult access to diesel or electricity.

  • These have low maintenance costs as well because of the fewer moving parts in comparison to diesel-powered pumps.

  • Since no lubricants are needed for these, there is no associated contamination of soil or water.

  • These are easy to operate.

The different types of solar water pumps

Depending on a broad classification, there are four different types of solar powered pumps. These include the alternate current (AC) pumps, direct current (DC) pumps, surface pumps, and submersible pumps.

AC pump: The direct current generated by the solar panels are converted into alternating current to power the motor of these pumps.

DC pump: The dc generated by the solar pumps is used to power the motor of these pumps, and hence no inverter or battery is needed here.  

Surface pumps: The surface pumps remains in the open and out of water. These are used in places where the water table is available within 10 meters depth. These don’t suit areas with deep water table.

Submersible pumps: The submersible pumps are kept deep below the ground level and submerged under water.


Hope this write up helped you gain wholesome information about solar water pumps.

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