A Brief Overview - Public Cloud Solution

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What is cloud server?

Cloud server runs on cloud computing environment. Cloud servers are also referred as Virtual Dedicated Servers. Resources can be scaled up or down under cloud hosting. This makes it more flexible as well as cost effective.  When demand is more on servers, capacity can be increased to match demand. Cloud servers offer more redundancy.

What is Public Cloud?

A public cloud is based on the cloud computing model. In this service provider makes virtual machines (VMs), storage or applications available over the internet. Public cloud service is sometimes offered free of cost and sometimes charged as per usage. The public cloud provides services to various clients using shared infrastructure.

Public cloud service saves companies costs of purchasing, managing, and maintaining on-premises hardware as well as application infrastructure. The cloud service offers all management and maintenance of the system. Public cloud can be deployed faster. Each employee can use application from anywhere using their device of choice over internet.

Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud

Public cloud service is multi tenant environment along with pay as you grow scalability. Whereas private cloud service provides scalability along with enhanced security and control of a single tenant environment. Physical hardware is shared in case of public cloud whereas it is shared in case of private cloud. Public cloud hosting offers public facing operations and unpredictable traffic whereas private cloud is sensitive and offers business critical operations. Both public as well as private cloud is scalable. Private cloud offers high performance whereas public cloud does not offer high performance.

Advantages of Public Cloud service

The main advantages of using public cloud server are as follows:

• Scalability: Public cloud server enable scalability to meet workload as well as user demands. A public cloud service can easily scale in order to meet any changes.

• Cost: Cloud computing model usually works on pay as one uses. There is no need for capital outlay. Public cloud service can be therefore can be implemented at less cost as compared to a private cloud.

• Management: This service is very easy to manage. Client is free from maintaining as well as managing the infrastructure. Provider take cares of hardware as well as software updates. It also implements security measures. In this manner client can focus on other business related areas.

Disadvantages of Public Cloud service

Public Cloud server comes with few limitations as mentioned below:

• Security: Security of public cloud is cause of concern. The public cloud server does not have geographical restriction and hence server might be in different country that is governed by different set of privacy regulation or security.

• (In)flexibility: Few hosting providers provide different options for scale up. For example they might not provide freedom to install any OS or switch to any storage solution. Hence before signing up any provider you should check all possible options with provider.

• Compliance: Since the provider might be located at different location hence it is essential to know the compliance with certain country, company rules as these might vary from country to country.

Public Cloud Architecture

Public cloud architecture has been categorized by service model. These include:

• Software as a service (SaaS): Software as a service is a software distribution model where a third-party provider hosts applications. It further makes them available over the internet to customers.
• Platform as a service (PaaS): PaaS provides a platform where third-party provider provides software and hardware tools needed for application development to users.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): IaaS is a form of cloud computing where third-party provider provides virtualized computing resources like VMs and storage over the internet.

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