A Brief Guide on Extending the Life of Your Vehicle Tyres

by Automotive Services Car Service Garage in Harrogate

Did you know that there are legal norms that car garages have to abide by for repairing a damaged tyre?

All the tyre repairs are carried out under the BS AU 159. As per its guidelines, professional car garages are only allowed to carry out repairs in the central 3/4th part of a tyre also known as the minor repair area.

A tyre cannot be repaired if the damaged section is located outside this area also known as the major repair area.

Renowned car garages like HG Motors conduct a tyre repair in Harrogate according to the BS AU 159 guidelines. They also have other services on offer such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing, engine diagnostics, etc.

Your car tyres will wear rapidly and lead to punctures if you don’t take proper care of them. Auto garages can help you out to do the same.

Some of the ways they do so include:

  1. Tyre rotation

Tyre rotation is interchanging between your car’s front and rear tyres. Rotating your tyres is useful as it evens the wear.

The front tyres of a vehicle take the most pressure. Hence, they get damaged more quickly than the rear ones.

Garages perform three types of tyre rotation:

  • Forward cross

  • X-pattern

  • Rearward cross

  1. Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is one of the most common causes for concern for any driver as well as one of the most easily overlooked.

Symptoms of misaligned wheels:

  • Abnormal tyre wear

  • Vehicle pulling to one side.

  • Steering wheel off-centre.

Garages perform the following types of wheel alignment:

  1. Camber alignment

Looking from the front of your car:

  • Positive camber happens when your car wheels tilt outwards.

  • Negative camber occurs when your vehicle wheels angle inwards.

Camber alignment makes your car wheels perpendicular to the road.

  1. Toe alignment

Looking from the top:

  • Toe in happens when your vehicle wheels point inwards.

  • Toe out occurs when your car wheels point outwards.

Toe alignment makes your vehicle wheels parallel to each other.

  1. Wheel balancing

Balancing is similar to alignment, it affects the tyres and from thereon, the overall performance of your car. A misbalanced wheel or tyre is where the tyre is not equally distributed across the body.

Imbalanced wheels can cause the following:

  • Uneven tyre wear.

  • Steering wheel vibration.

  • Vibration in vehicle floorboard.

Wheel balancing enables car garages to find the location of an imbalance and add weight accordingly to counter it.

They perform two types of wheel balancing:

  1. Static – To reduce the wheels from bouncing.

  2. Dynamic - To reduce the wheels from wobbling.

These included some of the ways car garages help you to extend the life of tyres. You can do the same at home by keeping a regular check on them. Watch out for abnormal wear and tread depth. You have to ensure a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

Also, check your car tyre’s inflation pressure. Optimally inflated tyres last longer and perform better throughout their service life. While low air pressure can structurally damage the tyre, high pressure will damage its centre.

Lastly, replace your car tyres in Harrogate at the right time. Doing so gives you safety and control over your vehicle at all times.

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