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Ambien, also known as Zolpidem, is a third-generation drug that helps to cure temporary sleeping problems. Although Ambien works by acting on the GABA system, it was created much before the GABA system was found. Barbiturates were introduced as a first-generation medication for the treatment of insomnia. Still, they were addictive medicines, and the overdosing by this drug was an easy thing for the users. Leo Sternbach, an active chemist of Hoffmann-La Roche (a multinational healthcare company), developed the second generation of these drugs, which were much safer than barbiturates.


This generation was a mixture of anticonvulsant, amnesiac, muscle-relaxant, anti-anxiety, and sedative effects. Sternbach also synthesized Valium and Librium between the years 1968 and 1981. Ambien or Zolpidem was launched in 1988 in France for the first time, and later the FDA approved it in 1992. Ambien is the third generation drug and hence is much safer than the previous generation drugs. Being a third-generation drug is considered a much safer option than other sedatives, and it is the most prescribed medicine since its launch.


Off-license uses of Ambien 


Ambien, like all other sedative medicines work on the GABA system, but it has many more effects than a standard sedative drug. Other than insomnia there are several off-label uses of Ambien such as it helps to improve the motor symptoms in the patients of Parkinson’s disease, it helps to treat restless leg syndrome, and it also helps the patients suffering from Catatonia (a condition in which abnormal behavior and movement occurs due to the upset mental state).


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Ambien helps a person to fall asleep faster and to remain in the state of sleep for a longer duration. If you face difficulty in falling asleep, then Ambien helps to initiate sleep, and it also maintains it throughout.


The Ambien that is consumed by keeping under the tongue shows better effects than the Ambien that is engulfed usually.


The extended-release Ambien does as the name suggests, it dissolves slowly over time, and hence the side-effects decrease incredibly.


Ambien helps to improve the sleep onset and probably decreases the need for the pill to fall asleep.


Ambien does not affect the consumer for very long, and the next day feels like a new and more concentrated day to the user. One can consume Ambien for 7 to 8 days and not more than that. if insomnia does not improve, then you can stop taking medicine and contact a doctor as insomnia may be due to some other intense issue.


This drug also helps to decrease central apnea or hypopnea and improves sleep. 

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Ambien is a placed under controlled substance and schedule IV.


Sometimes this medicine shows symptoms such as eating during night time. The person is not aware of eating or drinking anything during that time.


If a person has some trouble regarding the kidney or liver, then Ambien might not be a suitable drug for them.


Just like withdrawal symptoms, Ambien may show rebound insomnia when the consumption of it is halted.


Somnambulism is possible which is a condition in which a person faces abnormal behavior during sleep. Sleep-driving, sleep-walking, or other such activities conclude in somnambulism.

The risk of falling increases if Ambien is continued for too long. The user may fall and get hip or head injury or any fracture.


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