A beginner’s guideto malt based food in India

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Malt is produced by drying sprouted raw cereal grains through the process of malting. Raw grains are made to germinate by soaking them and then dried in the factory process to make them active and help them develop enzymes such as proteases that assist in breaking the protein in the grains.

Malted grains like malted barley is highly nutritive. They have all the vitamins of B family like thiamin,riboflavin, niacin, nicotinic acid, folic acid, biotin, Vitamin B6,accompanied by the amino acids and the necessary quantity of proteins and the minerals, for instance, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and also some soluble fiber.

Malted barley is used in a plethora of directions. Confectioners,pharmaceutical, breweries, malted milk food manufacturers, and distilleriesbuy unprocessed malted barleys to use them and process them to produce a wide range of edible products. Here are some of the crucial malt-based products that are leading the market.

• In this age of modern parenting, young parents have become very conscious about the right nutrition of their child and that is why the malted milk foods have become very high on demand these days. Malted cereals are mixed with highly nutritive cocoa solids and milk powders to make healthy as well as tasty malted drinks for kids to fulfill their high nutrition demand in the vital growing age.

• Barley malted flour is another chief product made from malted grams. Malted flour is not only nutritive but easily digestible too. Therefore, most of the readymade white,as well as brown bread is made from this flour.

• By brewing malted grains,most of the major alcoholic beverages are made. Beer and whiskey are the main malt extracted liquid in India. The malted grains are brewed and distilled and then they are made to go through a lot of pharmaceutical processes to make these beverages.

• From drying the malt extracted liquids, malt extracted powers are made. This coarse powder is easily soluble and can be used for making various delicious as well as nutritious foods.

• Malt extracts are used in making delicious ice creams too.

The high nutrition factor of the malted grains has upsurge the demand for malt based food products in India.With the growing market for health-conscious consumers, these wholesome foods are now appealing people more and more. Malted grains can be consumed in any form in any measure. From child to aged people, these are suitable for everyone’s diet. 

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