9 ways to improve your earnings from Adsense

by Alisha Khan SEO Executive

Every day we say tons of online advertisements while surfing the internet. It could be an ad of sports shoe or maybe a trimmer, but it is safe to say that we all have seen ads on one website or another. One of the most popular ad services in the world is Google Adsense. It has millions of users and helps them by providing a way to monetize their website or youtube channel.


If you properly optimize your Adsense account, you can make thousands of dollars from your website.  Of course, your website will be reviewed by Google, and you can start earning if it gets approved. But you might be wondering in what ways you can use your Adsense account to make more money? Well, today we will mention some of the best ways to improve the earning from your Google Adsense account. So, without further delay, let's begin our list of 9 ways to strengthen earning from Google Adsense:

1. Proper Optimization of Ad units

When your Adsense account is approved you are required to paste your Adsense code on header, body, and footer of your website with the help of ad units. After the ad units have been placed on site, they have to be optimized correctly to make the most out of your opportunity with Adsense. To do that, the first step is to use the maximum number of ad units allowed on a page by Adsense (3 units). After that, using the ad units with proper size and perfect places is quite essential for improving earning from your account.

2. Custom Channels

The customs channels in Adsense helps you accurately track the performance of your ads on a specific website or pages. By creating different custom channels for different pages or sites can be beneficial for conducting experiments. So, if you need accurate insight into your ads, try using custom channels to use the best ad campaign for you.

3. Types of Ads

According to Wamp Digital Marketing Institute Adsense allows the user to choose the layout of their according to their needs. You can choose three types of ads; Images only, text only or a combination of both. Choose the best layout according to your needs, and it may increase the number of clicks on the ads if appropriately placed. Also, on some websites, text-based ads might perform better than image-based ads or vice versa.

4. Position of the ads

The most optimal position to place your ads is obviously above the fold or in simpler terms higher up the page. If more ads are placed higher up on the page, there is a higher chance of clicks on your ads rather than placing the ads down below. But make sure you do not overflow the page with advertisements because it might irritate the user and cost you some valuable bucks.

5. Banner Ads

As the name suggests, Banner Ads look like a text banner which are mostly placed in the middle of the content on your website. These types of ads can prove very useful if placed accurately between paragraphs. Also, the size of the banner ads should be around 300x250 as this size can easily fit between the paragraphs without disturbing the alignment of the page.

6. Alignment of the Ads

Earlier, we discussed regarding the alignment for the banner ads but the proper alignment for every ad matters on your page. Aligning the side and in content ads with your content can be quite useful. On the other hand, improper alignments of ads will lead to users skipping the ads and go straight to the content.

7. Do not use any other Ad Network

Using other ad networks can indeed help you in earning a few extra bucks, but it will hurt earnings from your Adsense account. Other ad networks such as Chitika and Outbrain pay a comparatively lesser amount of money than Adsense. So, the choice is quite apparent, do not jeopardize your Adsense income by using other ad networks simultaneously.

8. Optimize the loading speed

We know that a fast loading website is quite essential for the SEO of the website as it helps in improving the rank of the site. Similarly, the loading speed of your ads is crucial for the income from ads. If the ads on the pages are not loading within seconds, the visitors on your page will ignore those empty spaces. So, fast loading ads will help in boosting income from your Adsense account. Moreover if you are looking for digital marketing services in delhi then it could be best chance to try it.

9. Mobile Friendly

In today's world, where most of the traffic on websites comes from mobile devices, it's essential to have a mobile responsive website. And, if you rely on ads for most of your income, then the ad network you use must be mobile friendly too. For example, if you visit a website on your mobile phone and the ads are covering most of the content, it will irritate you, right? So, make sure that all the ad units are mobile responsive.

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