9 Ways to Cut Your Summer Cooling Costs

by Kamal Kumar SEO expert

Is your air conditioner ready for this summer? Read this following.

Heating and cooling your home makes up nearly 1/2 your energy bill, says the India Repair Services.

Right now, you may be enjoying low utility bills, particularly if you reside in an exceeding climate with excellent spring weather. However the “I can’t believe it’s this hot!” summer days are coming back. Soon, you’ll run the air con round the clock simply to remain comfy.

That could value you plenty of cash if your system isn’t prepared. These straightforward steps will prepare your AC for the hotter summer months.

1. Change the filters

This is most likely the simplest air-conditioning maintenance you'll be able to do, however, many folks don’t hump typically enough. The filters ought to get replaced once a month to stay your AC running swimmingly.

For central air systems, the filter is sometimes situated behind a metal panel on the face of the blower unit. Unscrew the metal panel, take away the previous filter and install the new one.

For window units, the filter is found on the face of the unit behind a metal or plastic panel. Several window units escort a permanent filter. If you've got one, take the strain and gently clean it with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Enable the filter to air dry before you set it back in.

2. Clean the condensation lines

The pipe that carries condensation away from your air conditioning will get clogged. If the pipe becomes clogged, it might make a copy into the air conditioning — or into your house — and you’ll have a messy downside and a giant repair bill. To combat this, find wherever the pipe drains out and check that it’s draining properly. If not, use an algaecide to wash the pipe. Algaecide is primarily used to take away algae. You’ll be able to realize it at pool provide stores.

3. Install a programmable thermostat

If you don’t have already have one, you'll be able to gain important energy savings by putting in a programmable thermostat and setting it to cut back the employment of air con or heat sometimes once you don’t would like it, like once you’re away for work. Luckily, they’re pretty straightforward to put in you and need only one or two of tools.

Consider an array of programmable thermostat choices at the house Depot.

4. Clean the coils on the surface unit

During the winter, your AC’s outside unit has been collecting dust, mud and alternative scrap, particularly if you don’t use a cover. That entire gunk clogs up the unit, inflicting your AC to run sluggishly. For lightly soiled units, disconnect the facility and spray down the surface of the unit with a garden hose. For heavily soiled units, get a billboard air-conditioner cleaner from a hardware store.

5. Clean the fins

Cleaning the fins on the surface unit can facilitate your AC run higher. To wash the fins, use a soft brush like a toothbrush or small automotive cleansing brush. Gently run the comb across every fin, being careful to not bend the skinny metal. If you realize that these skinny metal fins are broken, there are a spread of tools you'll be able to use to straighten them out, like these at Amazon.

6. Check the concrete slab

After your outside unit is clean, use grade to create positive the concrete slab is level. If it’s not, the unit can be got to work harder to stay your house cool. If the block isn’t level, pry it up with a board and add gravel beneath in small amounts till it's. Take away the board once you’re done.

7. Take away dust from the surface unit

Plants, leaves, high grass and dust situated getting ready to your outside unit will cut back your AC’s performance. Before you begin running your AC, cut the grass, clean out any dust and take into account removing plants that block the unit.

During the summer, check the unit for dust a minimum of once a month.

8. Check the ductwork for leaks

Waterproofing leaky ducts will generate important savings on heating and cooling:

“Leaky ducts create your HVAC work much harder — ducts leaking just 20 % of the conditioned air passing through them cause your system to work 50 % harder.”

If you discover leaks, seal them with tape carrying an Underwriters Laboratories brand look for disconnected joints separated items and tiny holes in your ductwork. Cloth and rubber-backed tapes break down faster.

9. Clean the evaporator

Some AC units have an accessible evaporator situated on top of the furnace. To inform the distinction, look on top of the furnace for either a plenum wrapped in foil or one covered by a metal box. Your metal box, your evaporator isn’t accessible. If you see foil, your evaporator is accessible and you'll be able to clean it.

To do so, gently take away the foil-covered insulation. Beneath you’ll see many tiny screws holding a plate in place. Take away the screws and therefore the plate. What’s left is your evaporator. With a wire brush clean the front and back of the evaporator. Screw the plate into place, and put in the plenum.

For additional tips and data, check the India Repair Services Site on maintaining your air conditioning.

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