9 Tips to Secure Your Child from Cyber Threats

by phone agent Secure your kids from Cyber-threats


Every kid should be taught how to be safe online. With the digital advancements, there are technological wonders taking place, which might result in cyber threats at times. The online world is unpredictable where kids might feel anonymous. There are a lot of bullies, predators, hackers, and scammers that might pose a threat to your children. These factors can further create a lot of challenging issues for parents to provide proper guidance on online safety.  


The online world is full of risks and concerning activities for the kids as well as parents. The following are some of the risks

a. Cyberbullying 

The bullying which takes place online is known as cyberbullying. It can take place anywhere in an email, a text message, an app, or an online game, or social networking website. 

b. Phishing 

It is when a text, mail, or pop-up message is sent by a scam artist in a browser to get people to share some personal information. They use the information for identity theft. 

c. Sexting 

It is referred to as sending and forwarding sexual content like photos, videos, or messages via mobile phone. 

d. Social networking 

It can help connect family and friends but can also invade your privacy by inviting some danger if not used appropriately. 

Tips to Secure Your Child from Cyber Threats

As we are more dependent on technology, we run towards better online security. Here are some tips that will help you and become less vulnerable to cyber threats. 

1. Think twice before opening any random link or attachments 

There might be chances that your child sees certain links from someone they already know, you must take care of the attachments. You must tell them to think twice or thrice before passing through such a situation. They should never reply to the emails because the sender’s identity might be compromised. 

2. Verify the requests for private information 

Whenever your child has been requested to give private information i.e., yours or anybody else’s, you must verify the identity of the requester. This should be the case for even anyone you already know. The con artists are very smart, they know how to bluff you and collect various information from you. Even if you think you are safe, you must keep an eye on your financial statements and credit reports. 

3. You must protect passwords on your kid’s phone  

You should never share your passwords with anyone. While selecting a password, make it long, strong, unique, and MFA whenever possible. 

  • Use a different password for different accounts 
  • Use a different password for home and work 
  • Don’t let apps and websites remember your passwords.

4. Limit their online time 

You must give your child limited internet time; this can make sure that they don’t have enough time to get in online trouble. Excessive screen time can even lead to attention problems, anxiety, and depression problems. You can even use parental control apps that let you check the online usage of a child’s screen time. 

5. Secure your home wireless network 

The online predators are keeping their prying eye on the home wireless networks as well. That is the main reason you must think about the safety of your children as well as your family. Here are some things you can do to secure the home wireless network:

  • Changing your Wi-Fis default name 
  • Set a strong and unique password 
  • Activate the network encryption 
  • Change the default IP address on the router 
  • Turn off the network when you are not home 

6. Direct them towards kid’s friendly websites 

Instead of letting your child roam around the internet searching for entertainment, you must direct them towards various websites they can use. You won’t have to worry about cyber threats as you will be selecting the websites. Some of the kid’s friendly websites are:


7. Change the settings on social media 

There are privacy settings on all social media platforms. You must adjust certain features and make the apps more child-appropriate. You can even download Messenger kids if your child uses messenger kids for Facebook.

Another good choice is YouTube kids for children.

8. Educate your kids about Cyberbully 

Cyberbullying is a huge concern for the parents as well as the kids. There are no specific signs for it. Some kids fall into the trap of cyberbullying without knowing what it is. So, you must teach your kids about what cyberbullying is and let them know that their actions can hurt someone’s feelings. 

9. Parental control app 

It is very necessary for the parents to keep an eye on their children and to stop them from falling into some trap. Phone Agent 007 is an app that lets you monitor the calls, messages, and multimedia of your child’s phone. You can be aware if your child is facing any threat and take the necessary actions. Phone agent is the best child monitoring app that lets you keep an eye on your child even when you are not around.


The internet is a necessity these days for everyone including children. However, everything is not perfect. With all the good stuff, the internet puts us at risk of hacking, cyberbullying, cyber threats. 

You must teach your kids how to be aware of all the threats while exploring all the benefits. A parental control app is very helpful at such times.     

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