9 Resourceful Tips to Pack Serving Dishes and Plates for a Safe Move!

by Ram Sewak Transportation
It hurts a lot when you see the much-adored glassware in your collection undergoing scratches and marks during any commotion – whether it occurs during a clean-up on a random occasion or when you are preparing them for the move. And in case, you are planning for a move, the risk of your delicate dishes and plates undergoing damage becomes a lot more because dealing with them without the assistance of the experts from Agarwal Packers is certainly challenging.

Without proper gear – the appropriate packing materials and moving equipment, you can simply lose out on their safety. Also, preparing glassware – especially the saucers, dishes, and plates for a move is not easy. To make sure they reach your new home intact, you have to consider them to be the most subtle and of flimsy nature that cannot survive even the lightest of jerks or movements caused during moves and you will soon realize the importance of great packing and professional assistance for the task.

In this article, some of the most effective packing tips for dishes and plates have been highlighted. If you check them out before preparing your glassware for the move, you can have a safe and secure moving experience. So, let’s check out the tips below, quickly:

Order packing materials in bulk – If you want to pack your fragile items, like the chinaware dishes, plates, and other delicate glass items by yourself, you need to have the required packing materials with you. Though you might think you have the professionals coming over and they will be bringing everything along, then we advise you do not to rely on them entirely. Try to gather them from local shops in bulk because those will be utilized anyhow.
Know where you need to start – Once you have bought all the basic packing materials, you need to figure out which items are you willing to pack and move. You will certainly not be moving every single item in the glassware section because there would be several pieces – the old, scratched, dull ones that are neither used nor are needed anymore. Keep them out of vision and assemble the rest of the items in an open space.
Opt for the ideal packing process – Since you are not an expert and do not encounter packing and moving every other day, you need to be very careful if you are packing these fragile dishes and plates from your collection. Even if you have ceramic and other expensive plates, consider the same packing technique for packing them too. Always double coat their smooth surfaces using bubble wraps and move them in durable boxes.
Follow the step-by-step packing formula – There are a few key tips you need to keep in mind. Every plate or dish should be wrapped first with a coat of packing paper and then layered with bubble wraps. Add double layers of bubble wraps as it will protect the smooth finish and the surface of the plate. The corners too should be sealed with either bubble wrap or a soft towel. There are a lot of other things in our household that could be brought to use to cushion and protection.
Secure the moving boxes too – Just like you protect your plates and dishes, do not forget to prepare the cartons these fragile items would be moved in. If the professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers are doing it, do not worry because professionals are well-versed with the appropriate packing techniques and bring to use the ideal materials. The tip is to use a quality moving box that has insulated walls. Taping the box from the bottom would further strengthen the base of the carton and would give better protection to the things put in. You can even add a layer of packing paper at the bottom or use a soft cloth or towel to add a guard to the delicate plates and dishes.
Insulate the boxes, fill spaces – When the plates have been put inside the carton, make sure they are stacked straight up and there is no space within the cartons. Do not fill the box with moving goods but fill the gaps inside the boxes with crumpled paper or moving blankets, towels, or other insulating items like foam sheets, bubble wraps, etc. Add a layer of moving blanket or towel on top of the plates before the box is sealed.
Watch the weight of cartons – If you did the packing of your glassware dishes and plates, make sure you bear in mind the weight of the dishes and the cartons too. If some plates are bigger, then that would make the moving carton quite heavy. These heavy-weight cartons should be placed at the bottom surface of the truck, topped with other lightweight cartons. Do pay attention to this because if the weight of the moving cartons is not checked, they would only be responsible for the damage of your other goods. So, ascertain that.
Take your time while packing – You are not a pro in packing and dealing with sensitive items like the plates and dishes would only require you to be all the more prepared and aware of the right techniques. So, employ the right tricks by seeking online help or let someone else in your family help you in doing the packing. But, whatever you do, try to keep it slow. Avoid hurrying up because it will only end up ruining your expensive collection.
Few final tips to bear in mind – It is quite obvious that only your fragile lot of goods would not only be transported into the moving truck but the cartons of rest of the household goods as well, so when all the packages are prepared and secured, watch out the loading process carried out by the professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers and if you have any concerns, you can let them know. Every carton should bear name labels.

Worrying about moving dishes and plates? Then do check out these 9 dish packing ideas that are simple to follow but are helpful in the long run! Enjoy your move.

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