9 Attractive features of Fmwhatsapp that you should know

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Learn how to Download Fm Whatsapp ask, Do you want to see something new? You're bored by doing the exact same type of items, so today here we are likely to speak about FM Whatsapp which comes with intriguing features and Fm Whatsapp is best than usual Whatsapp?

What is Fm Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp is an Android application similar to Original Whatsapp which gives the user Advance Features from Original Whatsapp Whatsapp. FM Whatsapp has many customizations features you could set according to your wish. FM Whatsapp is much more useful for those logos that utilize Whatsapp a lot. FM Whatsapp provides the Exact Same port as First Whatsapp. Discover to Download Fm Whatsapp ask, Can you also want to see something fresh? You're bored by doing the exact same type of items, so now here we're going to talk about FM Whatsapp which comes with intriguing features, and why Fm Whatsapp is better than Original Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp Features

FM Whatsapp provides Advance Features and Setting Users compared to Orginal Whatsapp. Information about the Advance Features of FM Whatsapp is given below.

Pause Last Seen
In FM Whatsapp, you can pause or stop your Last Seen, at which time you will turn on this setting, at the same time you're Last Seen will be shown to everyone. If you ever come online but your Last Seen will be the old show.

Image Limit
In FM Whatsapp, you can send 90 images simultaneously, that too in high quality without breaking any pixels.

In this, you can add 600 contacts to a Broadcast while in original Whatsapp you can add only 250 people.

Call Disable
In this, you can also disable the call of a specific person or contact.

Increase Forward Limit
You can also increase the limit of forwarding message, in which you can send forward message up to 90 times, while only 5 people can share the original Whatsapp Me forward message.

Divide Group / Contact
In FM Whatsapp, you can divide Group Message separately and Personal Chatting separately.
Deleted Status and Deleted Message
If you upload status in FM Whatsapp and delete it after some time, you can also see that status. In the Advanced Features of FM Whatsapp, you can see the deleted message of anyone without downloading any app.

Download Status
You can download the status of anyone

Hide Status View
In FM Whatsapp, you see the status of anyone and you do not want to know that you have seen the status, you can do this in FM Whatsapp, see the status of anyone, they will not even know.

Message Sharing Limit
In FM Whatsapp, you can send messages to 30 groups or Contact simultaneously, while in Original Whatsapp, you can send messages to only 5 people at a time.

Hide Blue Tick
In this, you can also hide the Blue Tick, until you reply to the message, the Blue Tick will not show even if you have read the message.

Different color themes
In this, you can use different types of color themes, which will make your Whatsapp even more attractive.

Lock Personal Chat
In FM Whatsapp, you can block anyone's chat and the bo chat will not show to anyone. Only you will be able to see that chat.

Auto Reply
Whenever you are ever busy, you can set Auto Reply so that whoever messages you will immediately get a message.

Hide Typing / Blue Microphone
In this you can hide Typing, even if you are typing, the front will not show. Similarly, you can hide the Microphone.\

Before installing FM Whatsapp, you have to take the backup of the primary Whatsapp that you're using, just then you need to create your account on FM Whatsapp.

To use FM Whatsapp, you have to install the downloaded FM Whatsapp apk, whatever consent is asked to allow.

To make an account, you'll have to enter the mobile number >> after that Otp will come to your number, paste it >> you may request conversation backup, you need to bypass >> Enjoy the latest features of FM Whatsapp by simply putting your name in the photo.

Can Before utilizing FM Whatsapp, it's also important that you understand about its FMWhatsapp Cons, FM Whatsapp is a third party application which isn't secure at all because there is a danger of your information being stolen.

Hopefully, I have been able to tell you what about FM Whatsapp, Before downloading FM Whatsapp, you should understand its downsides that I have told you, so that you may download FM Whatsapp in your own will as it's absolutely safe. No, anything could happen anytime.

To upgrade FM Whatsapp, you have to open FM Whatsapp. After clicking on the icon of the + on the front display, after clicking on it, clicking on the icon using all the settings will be written Upgrade FM and clicking on it, you will readily upgrade FM Whatsapp.

Who made FM Whatsapp? Conclusion Following this, by clicking on the first link that will come, you can download FM Whatsapp. Or it is also possible to download FM Whatsapp in the link given below.

If you are downloading FM Whatsapp for amusement then it's fine, but if you want to maintain privacy and data secure then we won't advise you to download FM Whatsapp.

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