8 Things You Should Remove From Your Resume Immediately

by Anurag G.

Resume embodies you, the capacity of your resume to impress significantly impacts the prospects of your candidature. Every candidate knows this and that is why they burn midnight oil to make their resume effective. In this trial, candidates put a lot of efforts into ensuring that they don't miss any detail. They try to pack their resume with a lot of information about them, thinking that any missing detail may lead to loss of a job opportunity however in this trail sometimes they overload their resume with information. This might be one of the chief reasons why they are not receiving the much-awaited interview call. The overloaded resume might just scare the recruiter off and even after having all the right skills, they might simply weed it out from the pack. To ensure that your resume is not filtered out from other applications, there are some things that you can remove from it. These are the things that are either unnecessary or outdated and only decrease the effectiveness of your resume. So, without wasting any more time, let's read the 10 things that should be removed from your resume.

Objective Line 
Gone are the days when an objective statement was a must-have in a resume. Today, an objective line only eats up the top space of the resume as the recruiters already know for which position you have applied, they don't need to be told the same again through an objective line. Top providers of resume writing and resume posting services have stopped included the objective line from a long time. It's time you remove it from your resume too.

Unnecessary Exaggerations 
Whether you have created your resume yourself or have taken resume template services, ensure that no unnecessary exaggerations are made. These are plain blatant lies that might directly affect your chances of getting the job.

More Than 15 Years old Experience 
Recruiters lose interest in a resume that has an experience of jobs done more than 15 years back. Experience of the past 15 years is relevant enough and any experience before that can be summed up in just 1-2 lines, not anymore.

Reasons For Leaving The Previous Job 
There are many people who include the reason why the left the previous job in their resume. This is completely unnecessary as the interviewer can ask this question in the interview itself, no need to add it in the resume and eat up space.

Irrelevant Accomplishments 
Just to add more weight to the resume, many people add irrelevant accomplishments and work experience on the resume. This would be of no help in the job interview but only eat up your resume space that can be used for relevant facts and figures.

Paragraph Explaining Why You Need The Job 
The cover letters and interviews are there to let you explain why you need the job or are a good fit for the same. Writing full paragraphs about the same shows nothing, but your desperate attempts to get the job.

Short-Term Employment 
Including experiences of short-term employment, where you have worked for less than 6 months, is usually not considered a relevant experience. This experience can be added to another section but avoid including your short-term employment experiences in the main experience section of your resume.

School-Related Accomplishments 
While looking for an employee, the recruiter is not interested in the accomplishments you had when you were in school. Whether you were the topper of your batch or achieved any excellence award, it won't affect your job performance, so remove it from your resume.

Before you upload resume on job portals or mail it to your potential employer for an interview, make sure that you have removed all these unnecessary things from it. Not removing them from the resume will not just take up a lot of space from the resume but also create a negative impression on the recruiter.

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